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Getting Couples Therapy in London? Ask These Questions to Your Counselor

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Couples therapy is something that may turn out to be effective in improving your relationship even if there are no conflicts. Most people run away from couples counseling since they think their relationship doesn’t need it. But only a few realise that this therapy is not only for the relationships that face conflicts or aren’t working. Any couple can consult a counsellor if they want to. It is only going to bring a better change in your relationship. There’s no harm.

If you have decided to see a counsellor, for whatever reasons, it is a great decision. A professional can advise about relationships more than anyone else. But for the best counselling sessions, you need to make the right choice. Ensure that the therapist you are seeing is ideal for your relationship. Some may not have any relevant experience, or others may just be seeking money. Getting couples therapy in London should start with the proper research. If you have one or more options on your list, ask them the list of questions mentioned below. 

Questions to ask your couple counsellor

  • Have you counselled a couple before?

Experience comes first. The counsellor you’re dealing with should have worked with a couple before so that he knows how it all goes. People learn from experience, and there is a lot of expertise needed when it comes to couples counseling. If your counsellor is experienced, it will be an advantage because they won’t need to start it from the beginning. The therapist would already know how to deal with your situation. 

There will be an understanding between you and the counsellor. The process will be quicker and more effective. You can also ask the counsellor to show proof of their previous client sessions. It’ll help to ease your search. 

  • What kind of therapy do you use?

You should know what kind of therapy the counsellor will be using for your situation. You should talk to the therapist about the type of therapy you are uncomfortable with. It might be that you didn’t like how some of your friends or family members were treated. It is fine to discuss with them that you’d like a different approach. Some couples therapy in London may not be according to your expectations, but most of them may be exactly what you need. Asking it directly to the counselors you meet may be the right choice. 

  • How can you help improve our relationship?

While it is obvious that the counsellor will act as a medium of unbiased communication between you and your spouse, it is better to ask this question. It lets the counsellor brainstorm on your situation and find out more ways to solve your issues. You will be able to make him think that you are very serious about the situation and need effective solutions. 

Looking for relationship therapy in London isn’t a tough task; what’s challenging is to find the one that actually works for you. Do your online research and find the right one.

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