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Many deaths worldwide from improper abortion

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First termination, then premature birth: If a woman has her first pregnancy terminate. She must reckon with an increase risk of premature birth if she is pregnant again. This is shown by a Scottish study. How the abortion was perform at counselling center Get abortion pills in Dubai also plays a role.

Termination of the first pregnancy is associate with an increase rate of spontaneous premature births in the next pregnancy. Compare to a normal pregnancy.

However, if an abortion is perform more frequently, this does not increase the complication rate.

In a retrospective study

Scottish gynecologists at Get abortion pills in Dubai compare the course of pregnancies after the first pregnancy had been terminate with the course in women after a normal pregnancy or after a miscarriage ( BMJ Open 2012; 2: e000911 ).

Data from more than 120,000 terminations, more than 457,000 normal pregnancies. And almost 47,400 pregnancies that end in miscarriage were analyze.

Women who had had an abortion Get abortion pills in Dubai were older than women in the comparison groups and were more likely to smoke. Both parameters were remove from the data analysis.

According to the study, the risk of premature birth in women who have terminate their first pregnancy is significantly higher than in women. Who are pregnant for the first time or whose first pregnancy was normal and who gave birth to a live child.

Compare to first-time women, the adjust relative risk is accordingly 1.37, compare to a normal first pregnancy 1.66. Which means it is increase by one or two thirds. It is different when compare with women who have had a miscarriage. The adjust relative risk is then 0.85.

The type of termination is also critical

In addition, women who had an abortion in their first pregnancy compare to women whose first child was born healthy had a higher risk of preeclampsia, premature placenta detachment induction of labor. And delivery before the 32nd or even 28th week of pregnancy.

And: the likelihood of a second pregnancy abortion is also increased. Of the 120,000 women, more than 43,200 women also had an abortion in their second pregnancy.

The severity of the impact of an abortion on subsequent pregnancies also depends on whether the abortion was carry out surgically or medically.

With an adjust relative risk of 1.25, the risk of premature birth after surgery is apparently significantly higher than after a drug-induce abortion.

However, the at Get abortion pills in Dubai gynecologists point out that they cannot rule out that the increase rate. Due to the fact that surgical termination in the study was increasingly carry out at a higher gestational age.

Many deaths worldwide from improper abortion

Restrictive laws, traditions and stigmatization drive women and girls around the world to improper abortions every year. These “backyard abortions” cause many medical complications and deaths, according to the aid organization Doctors Without Borders.

“In 2017, our employees treated more than 22,000 women and girls with complications after an abortion,” said the aid organization. Around seven million patients worldwide are admit to hospitals every year due to complications

unfortunately, 22,800 women and girls die every year as a result of improper abortion,” writes Doctors Without Borders. “”In some hospitals where we work, up to 30 percent of obstetric complications are likely to be cause by miscarriage,” the agency’s website states. .

MSF therefore speaks

“overlooked health crisis” and emphasizes that making the subject taboo does not lead to fewer abortions. Instead, women and girls without medical advice and care risk their lives trying to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines  clearly at Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE  an abortion as improper if it is performed by unqualify people who do not have the necessary skills, or if it takes place in an environment that does not meet minimum medical standards – or both.

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