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Forgive and Let Go: A Perfect Blend For Happy Life

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Do you know what is the hardest thing to do when you are hurt? It is forgiving the person who hurt you. Research showed how almost 9 out of 10 people hold grudges. Further, the same research also lighted up the fact that holding grudges negatively affects you. So, what should you do? Simply forgive and let go of everything.

However, people are not aware of how to do that. So, to serve the idea, here are some basic things that you can do to forgive and let go. But, make sure you first go through what does forgiving and letting go indicate on a broader note. Read on.

Forgive and Let Go: A Brief Introduction

When you consciously choose to give up anger, aggression, grudges, revenge, or resentment, that means forgiveness. It happens even after something wrong has happened to you or done to you.

So, to forgive and let go means consciously forgiving the person who did you wrong in the past or present. Doing this changes your internal structure of mind and body.

It is a higher path that helps you rise above the situation at hand or the person involved. Moreover, it teaches you how to let go of what has happened. Hence, you get out of the scenario playing in your head and focus on moving on.

Forgiveness and letting go also give birth to empathy and compassionate feelings. You stoop down to the level of the other person and try to understand his or her mental state. In short, you perceive things from a different perspective.

Now, the question arises – Why do you have to forgive? Well, the answer is simple. To Heal & Move On. So, with so many benefits of forgiving and letting go, here’s how you can practice it. You can even join a yoga teacher training in India to learn from spiritual masters how to forgive and let go. Keep reading.


How to Forgive Others?


The first step to forgive and let go is to reflect on what has happened. Remember the scenario in detail, your behavior, reaction, and the chain of events.

Doing this helps you understand what happened, the possible reasons, and how to deal with it.


Empathy is one of the most important emotions that a human body possesses. This helps you adopt the other person’s perspective. In short, you become aware of the other person’s responses.

You feel what the other person could have gone through. Hence, it helps you forgive and let of whatever you have been holding on to.

Forgive From Heart

To forgive from the heart, you first need to understand the other person. You realize that not a single soul in this world is perfect. Hence, you convince your mind to forgive others.

In case you find it hard to let go, practicing meditation and deep breathing exercises could help you out with that. These practices calm your mind and help you realize your deep empathetic nature.

Let Go of Expectations

Are you still waiting for an apology? If yes, you are still not ready to forgive and let go, my friend. So, you need to shed off expectations. Be it a minor or a major one, expectations might ruin your hard work.

So, don’t think about having an apology because someone hurt you. Rather, you need to shift your consciousness to other important things at hand.

Forgive Yourself

One of the most important points that no one talks about is forgiving yourself. Yes! People stay mad at themselves for behaving or responding in a particular way. They demean themselves and push their confidence even lower.

So, to forgive and let go, you should learn how to forgive yourself. Breathe deep in and just shrug it off. Cultivate a forgiving attitude and always focus on the bigger picture. This way, you adopt a positive attitude and let go of negative thoughts coming into your mind.

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Wrap Up

To forgive and let go, you have to work on yourself. Hence, learning from a spiritual master could be a good idea. However, make sure you choose a master having the Yoga Alliance certification. It ensures he or she has the right knowledge and skills to teach you.

Over time, you become a better person and gain a handful of new skills that help you stay positive and focus on the better picture in life.

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