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Enjoy Sound Health with Every sip of Purified and Softened water with a Water Purifier

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Our locality has suffered the huge issue of clean drinking water, especially in rural and slum areas. Furthermore, the government and private authorities have taken a positive initiative in providing better water quality to people. Moreover, in the present period also the government is working on the project of providing people with pure drinking water. In the water purification process, the water purifier and Water Softener play a vital role. Indeed, both these appliances work efficiently in improving the water quality to a greater extent. At the same time, investing in packaged bottled water is a great investment and is also not proven to be entirely free of contaminants.

Water Purifier Service

A Water Purifier Service in Kanpur is an appliance that discards contaminants, heavy metals, dust particles, etc. There are several types of water purifiers available in the market depending upon which particular contaminant will be removed from the water. It mostly focuses on maintaining water safety. Furthermore, it doesn’t work on hard water purification. Also, it doesn’t eliminate the salt or mineral from water. Above all, it improves the taste of the water and makes it healthy to drink.

Water is an essential element that every living being needs to survive. For humans, water has many uses in daily life like cooking, drinking, washing, gardening, and more. More than 70% of the earth’s water comprises oceans saltwater. Also, the sources of water like rivers and lakes offer most of the water we need. Further, these water sources have contaminants like parasites and bacteria. Hence, the water purifier is essential to remove the harmful contaminants from the water and make it safe to drink.

Importance of a Water purifier

Benefits of using Water Purifier

  • Contaminant-free water: The water containing fungus, bacteria, viruses, and parasites will be well treated by a water purifier. It will further protect you against water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid
  • Improves the taste of water: The salt and impurities in the water will make the water taste bad. The water purifier will improve the taste of the water and will also improve the taste of food
  • Provides health benefits: Contaminated water affects Health adversely. Water purifier filters the water and makes it beneficial for the functioning of the digestive system and kidney. Simultaneously, it hydrates your body too
  • Protected Appliances: A water purifier removes the mineral from the water that causes damage to your household appliances in the long run. Next, it can also affect your dishwasher and other appliances like coffee makers. The deposit of iron scaling on an appliance can affect its operating efficiency
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Water Softener

Water Softener is a kind of filtering device which extracts magnesium and calcium from the water to make the water soft and potable. Therefore the main purpose of a water softener is to treat the hard water. It removes the excess quantity of iron and minerals present in the water. In addition, the water softener is stocked with salt. It is very easy to maintain. Once it is installed you simply need to add a suitable quality of sodium chloride in it.

Importance of Water Softener

No matter if your water has been purified, it may still contain a specific quantity of minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium. However, the mineral containing water can affect your skin, water-using devices, and can also lead to the buildup in pipes. Hence, this is referred to as hard water. The water of your locality can be considered hard water if it has minerals in it. Also, it depends upon the locale where you inhabit. In conclusion, installing a water softener is essential for a place where water has high mineral content.

Benefits of Using Water Softener

  • Eliminates the undesirable taste from water: Every locality has different water and different mineral content in water. Also, you might have experienced the difference in the taste of the water in different areas. Your water may taste hard due to the presence of fluoride, minerals, chloramine, and other contaminants. Hence, the water softener will remove these contaminants
  • Protected appliances and pipes: Soft water is soft on your appliances and pipes. The soft water will also make cleaning easy. While cleaning the water will work better with soap. Additionally, it works on the destruction of bacteria
  • Saved money: Soft water avoids the buildup and decreases the level of calcium that disturbs your water tank. This will use only the required amount of energy and will cost less for generating hot water
  • Soft Skin and Healthy Hairs: Water Softener will reduce the level of minerals in water and make it work smoothly on your skin. Further, it will keep your skin moisturizer, and free of itching and irritation. Next, the mineral-free water will keep your hairs look shiny, healthy, frizz-free, and strong

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