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Enhance Your Prior Authorization for Improved Reimbursements

Steve Smith
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According to a recent study of AHIP in 2021, electronic prior authorization and its embrace has reduced mean time from a PA request by almost 69%. Almost 71% of the provider said that using ePA has informed a faster time to patient care.

A recent AMA survey also conveyed an important message. Almost 30% of the physicians informed that prior authorization has had a serious adverse impact on patient care. Almost 79% conveyed that PA also led to treatment abandonment for many.

Many still believe that prior authorization also undermines the medical authority. Clearly, there are manifold challenges that a provider faces in handling their day to day practice management activities. At present, reducing operational hassles can be hailed as one of the critical activities for any provider.

You need to find someone that can extend superior support and that too at the best rates in the market place. The question is, how do you finalize a quality prior authorization services company?

What makes Sunknowledge exceptional

Over the last decade or more, our ability to extend quality prior authorization services makes us a genuine destination for state of the art services for the largest across the healthcare space. We are unique as we work for both payers and providers of the country.

Our team understands how to deliver quality services in prior authorization that sets the tone for the front end which reduces chances of denials and any claim submission errors in the longer run. We have eliminated any gaps in process with our 100% dedicated resources that understand in and out of any claims adjudication mandates.
We also ensure 100% submission of any PA request with our expertise across multiple practice management systems. Our 99.99% accuracy ensures that all your authorization, physician document follow ups, contacting the payers and done by the best and everything is handled right from start to finish.

Speak to our team and know how we reduce your operational expenses by almost 70%, enhance your quality with our stand out presence. Know what makes us one of a kind in the segment of prior authorization services.

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