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Congenital Heart Disease And Erectile Dysfunction

Maria Hernandez

Congenital heart diseases are linked with erectile dysfunction in males. Congenital heart disease is a defect of the heart from birth. It can affect the blood circulation in the body, which in turn determines the level of erection as blood flow is necessary for an erection.

Erectile dysfunction happens in a male when the blood flow is less than sufficient in the pelvic area. The flow depends on the health of the male, efficiency of heart and arousal levels. This combines both physical and emotional aspects of the erection. Any defect in either the physical or emotional side leads to erection issues in males. Though doctors prescribe Generic Levitra 40mg to get quick relief from the issue, the cure comes when an underlined medical or emotional problem is identified and treated.

Congenital Heart Issue

Congenital heart defect is present at the time of birth. It is a problem with the structure of the heart. The defect may be in walls of the heart, arteries, or in veins near the heart.  Any of these issues can disrupt the normal blood flow to the body through the heart. If blood is not able to come sufficiently in the pelvic area, it can lead to erectile dysfunction. The exact nature of the defect and impact it has on the blood flow decides the degree of erectile dysfunction.  The symptoms of the defect at birth are rapid breathing, bluish tint to skin, lips or fingernails due to less blood circulation, and fatigue. The symptoms may not be visible immediately at the time of the birth. It may take some time before the first symptom emerges.

Insufficient Reach on The Subject

The adverse impact on the erectile process occurs in some males with congenital heart issues. But the problem is not widely researched or discussed with the patients. The little research that has been conducted in Germany mentioned that some males are able to get an erection that was strong enough to complete an intimate session.

Males with congenital heart defects were divided into 4 groups based on the severity of their condition. One third of the patients reported that their intimate life was close to zero in the last six months. Close to 40 percent of males with complex heart issues were not able to perform at all. Around 60 percent of males with the heart issue were having normal erection that was enough for an intercourse.

Those who already were suffering from erectile dysfunction were close to 15 percent. There may have been other issues causing erectile difficulties. These issues were not mentioned in the study. The affected males did not discuss the matter with their health care provider.

Erectile dysfunction is at the cellular level the blood circulation problem. It occurs when the sufficient amount of blood is not flowing into the pelvic area of a male. The blood flow in the smooth area of the male organ enlarges and engorges the organ, which makes an erection possible with stimulation. Since the heart has to pump blood throughout the body. Its efficiency in promoting the blood circulation affects the erection process.

Erectile Dysfunction Can Happen in Males With Congenital Heart Disease

Age, medication, previous experience with erectile dysfunction and location of defect and its severity also impact the likelihood of erectile dysfunction.  Some medicines prescribed to males with heart issues may increase the risk of erectile problems. Medicines such as beta blockers have shown increased risk of erectile dysfunction.

So, various studies and observations have revealed that the chance of a male getting an erectile issue is high, if the male is also dealing with a congenital heart issue. In fact, any heart issue can increase the risk of erection problems. Doctors prescribing Sildenafil Citrate 150mg give guidelines to make the experience safe for the patient. The males are advised to avoid using any medicine for the next 24 hours. Several medicines including those prescribed for heart problems interact strongly with the erection boosting medicines. Males with congenital heart issue or any heart disease need to get guidance from medical experts to avoid complicating the erection problem.


Erectile dysfunction is a common side effect of congenital heart issue in some males. There may be other physical and emotional issues behind the problem, but heart defects from birth can combine with any physical problem to create difficulties in erection. Proper medical guidance is needed to deal with the issue.

Maria Hernandez

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