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Best Hospitals for Liver Transplantation in India

Aaron Watson

A liver transplant surgery is needed when a person’s liver no longer functions properly. Liver failure may occur for a variety of causes. Cirrhosis, a chronic condition in which scar tissues replace healthy liver tissues, is the most often reported cause of liver failure. Hepatitis B and C are also other significant causes of liver failure, as are NAFLD, alcoholism, and hemochromatosis.

Other forms of acute liver failure, such as drug or toxin overdoses, manifest their symptoms much more rapidly. Obesity, autoimmune disorders, and many kinds of cancer are all risk factors for liver injury and disease. In contrast to hepatitis B, which may be prevented by vaccination, hepatitis C can only be treated with the help of medications. In cases when the liver has been sick for a long period of time, primary liver cancer may develop and progress at such a pace that treatment becomes difficult. However, patients with initial liver cancer who get a transplant and are later found to have the disease may be cured.

Liver transplant process

In a liver transplant, the diseased liver must be removed, and the donor liver must be prepared for transplantation. The new organ needs many key connections to be re-established, to accept blood and empty bile from the liver. For example, the inferior vena cava, portal vein, hepatic artery, and bile duct need to be rejoined. Depending on the particular donor and recipient anatomy or recipient illness, the precise technique of connecting these tissues varies.

For the transplantation process, the liver is usually taken from a deceased person. But nowadays, the number of transplants has severely increased, leading to a lack of donors. In such cases, a living donor is needed to continue the further process. To perform the surgery, their liver is safely divided into two parts, one of which is placed in the patient’s body, and the other is left in the donor’s body. This halved liver is capable of performing daily activities a healthy body needs. This dividing process stands on the fact that even if 75% of the liver is removed from a person’s body, the remaining 25% can regenerate itself to form a fully grown, properly working liver. The same happens when a living donor donates their liver to a liver transplantation surgeon.

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A liver transplant is required for individuals whose liver disease has advanced to the point where it is threatening their overall health. Those who have liver cancer are often strong contenders for this operation since it is a curative procedure.

One question that arises in the majority of transplant candidates is what to expect after the surgery. For the most part, life continues normally, excluding a few minor limitations, including eating only hygienically prepared food, maintaining clean surroundings, and visiting the doctor regularly for exams and immunosuppressive medicine.

Max Hospitals as one of the best liver transplantation hospitals in India

Indian liver transplant centers include the Max Centre for Liver Transplant and Biliary Sciences. Due to the medication’s effectiveness, many individuals from all over the globe have chosen to seek treatment here. In India, liver transplantation has a long history, and the hospital has a track record of success and highly educated physicians. The Max Super Specialty Hospital has performed over 2600 liver transplants and employs 200 experts with a combined experience of 20 years. As a result, the patient gets access to a range of services to ensure their well-being before, during, and after the operation. Liver transplantation is now 95% successful, with a 10-year survival rate of more than 80%.

What are the advantages of visiting Max hospital?

As a consequence, Max Hospital is fully aware of its patients’ needs. By raising the bar, we can create a culture of patient-centered care. They demonstrate respect for their patients, and as a result, they appreciate each one of them. They are always ready for a challenge, driven by the possibility of having a good social impact.

The staff at Max Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care and medical expertise possible. As it is believed that becoming the best requires a lifelong commitment to daily self-improvement.

The hospital creates a therapeutic atmosphere sensitive to its patients’ requirements and gives them what they really need precisely and on time. Thus, precise treatment is provided to the patients as per their needs while being focused, efficient, pleasant, and practical.

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Max Hospital adheres to its mission to provide the best quality of patient care at all times. They believe that only by remaining consistent “will we be able to earn our patients’ trust and accomplish our goals.”

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