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Why Custom Designed Vintage Rings Are Timeless, Elegant And Pass As Heirloom Piece?

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The charm of the vintage engagement rings is beyond ephemeral but last for a lifetime. The custom designs and curated handcrafted pick are perfect for exchanging vows on your big day. The brilliance of the diamond ring sparkles with its classic and timeless beauty. 

The vintage diamond engagement rings and their elegance remains forever. It is not only about the moment but vintage rings pass on even as a family inheritance. Moissanite is a great and cheaper alternative to the diamond if you are on a little tight budget. However, moissanite is as graceful and stunning as diamonds. 

  • Handcrafted and brilliantly designed by experts 

The vintage engagement rings are antique and unique with an old school feel and style. One feature that stands out for the vintage rings is it is handcrafted, engrave intricately with accentuated moissanite around the ring. The engagement rings are strong, beautiful, and remains timelessly stunning for a lifetime. 

It is best to customize engagement ring as per the budget and requirement. This gives you multiple options in terms of the size of the ring, its design, moissanite cut or shape, and the colour of the gemstone. The halo accent of the rings gives it a rich appearance. 

  • Reasons to get a custom made a vintage ring for your partner

It is no secret that vintage diamond engagement rings are ageless, timeless, and beautiful for all reasons. With customization, it gives you the flexibility and freedom to design the ring as per your choice, customize several diamonds, styles, and handcraft it with engraving and accents. 

  • The round halo diamond vintage engagement rings are the perfect pick for your partner. Use elegant precious metal like white gold, yellow gold, platinum etc. to give an accent
  • The rings are eye-catching as the details are quite intricate. The custom rings are unique as the design is crafted especially for you and hence it is quite eccentric
  • Go beyond the normal diamond colour and try beautiful shades of moissanite like ruby red, pink, green and other pastel shades to give an exquisite design and pattern
  • The style of the vintage rings is inspired by traditional design. This makes it a crucial heirloom piece 
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Customizing the ring makes it affordable as you can use the number of diamonds, precious metals and designs according to your budget. You can opt for minimalistic design as well as elaborate and quite intricate design for the ring. 

  • One of a kind timeless and elegant engagement ring 

The engagement must be unique and as you customize engagement ring, bring in the true essence of the antique. The vintage style rings are designed with classic styling and exude Victorian style era. It is quite romantic with embellishments and detailed antique engraving.

The engagement rings are quite aesthetic and the detailing like floral details or diamond stud on the band gives a glamorous look. The moissanite ring stands the test of time with its sturdiness, strength. Make her feel special on the big day with an intricately designed vintage ring. 

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