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How to Identify Original Cosmetics from Fake Ones?

Christi Perri

It is no surprise that high-end cosmetic brands become a victim of dupe cheap knockoffs, at severely low prices.

To dupe customers, these cheap makeup brands in the U.K. make exact copies and product packaging. There are discounts and offers which makes them even harder to resist.

If you don’t want to get duped here are a few simple steps to follow.

Knowing your brand

Knowing your brand and making sure to buy only from authorised sellers help to get you genuine products. Only a few websites like FCP sells authentic globally renowned products like Channel, Revlon, cheap Barry M makeup and a lot more.

High-end brands come with a price so don’t fall into false marketing gimmicks like “branded cosmetics for less price”.

Study the brand packaging

The packaging tells a lot about a brand. Good quality products and well-reputed cosmetic brands invest in high-quality packaging. They stay intact from manufacturing to delivery. They have a lot of information regarding the product compositions and features.

Most of them also have a serial number or QR code that allows you to check their authentication on their website or app.

Know the brand’s labelling and logo

Counterfeiters often use colours, designs and fonts that are similar to the original brand. However, upon close inspection, there are differences in colours, artwork and size of the logo.

A brand like Rimmel or Maybelline won’t change its font size or type. They have a standardised way to package their products. So, if there is a slight change in the font type or size of the logo, it is a fake product. You can compare this with a similar product on their website.

Getting educated through brands themselves

It does matter where you are buying your cosmetics from. Participate in consumer engagement authentication. Some brands like MAC as a “Counterfeit Education” program on their website where they teach you how to identify fake MAC products.

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Some brands also offer a code or a message that you can text to a certain number to find out their genuineness.

Go through the product itself

If you are a regular user of cosmetics, you will have an eye for certain consistency or colour or the smell of a product.

A reputed brand won’t just have an odd smell or dilute the consistency of a product. For instance, look for the textures in an eyeshadow. Usually, for a fake one, the shimmers will fade away after one layer and the matte ones will be extremely powdery.

For lipsticks, they often have a poor colour payoff. If you find anything like that contact the manufacturer regarding the legitimacy of the product.

The aspect of empowering the consumer can be a very important aspect to the supply chain integrity and reputation of iconic brands. Fake products often use harmful elements which is a serious issue for your health.

If you are new to the cosmetic world and don’t have much knowledge, make sure to buy from consumer recommended sites (browse through social media and Google).  

Christi Perri

Hello, I am Christi Perri, a Digital Content Writer, writing on behalf of Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes. Fragrances Cosmetics Perfumes offer a range of affordable perfume for both men and women. Apart from the our single products, gift sets of your favourite designer fragrances are also available with us.

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