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Hair Color Trends You Need To Try

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We all love the new hair color trends. Each of the techniques allows you to choose a wide variety of options that are suitable specifically for our hair. And there are quite a few pluses: the hair does not deteriorate, there is no need to often dye the overgrown roots (except for gray hair), an excellent opportunity to regain your hair color after dyeing and the hairstyle always looks brilliant. The beauty industry is revolutionizing women time after time with hair services. Fashionable hair coloring allows you to create a superficial gradient. It is this gradient hair coloring that helps your hair look natural, much more voluminous and with a deep rich color.

Hair color certainly affects the way you impress others. This is one of the foundations of the image. That is why it is important to approach coloring with all seriousness, even if the shade itself is rather frivolous. However, it is definitely not possible to do without weighing the pros and cons of a particular color – there are so many dyeing trends in 2022 that it will be extremely difficult to choose only one of them.

The days of absolute, uniformly colored hair or highly bleached ends are a thing of the past, making way for soft blended and modern hair coloring. Our appearance is a kind of set of elements for self-expression. Do not be afraid to prove yourself, inspired by the recommendations of the experts in the fashion industry. And do not be confused by the fact that fashion trends 2022 in hair coloring seem to be contradictory. In fact, they only confirm that we are free to choose images. Fashion is equally supportive of those who love naturalness and those who are partial to bold experiments with color.

We have selected the best methods of hair coloring, thanks to which fashionable hair coloring will delight you for more than one month. Check out these trends for yourself!

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Balayage coloring

Surely, you are familiar with traditional foil and there is a 50/50 chance that when dyeing your hair you will not look like a zebra. The use of the balayage staining technique very well helps to avoid such a risk. This fashionable hair dyeing is also called the “freehand” technique, in which individual strands are dyed without the use of foil, by hand, with a lighter reagent. This pushes each strand slightly to the front from the roots, and then blends beautifully with the rest of the hair at the ends, saturating them with its color. The big picture: Your hair, with its two solid colors, looks light and natural, shimmering luxuriously in the sun.

This trend became noticeable already in 2021 and will only gain momentum in popularity in the new year. The essence of this coloring is in the emphasis on the strands that frame the face. The rest of the hair mass can remain the original color, even if it is contrasting. By the way, the money piece technique received its unusual name for the fact that, unlike full highlighting or balayage, it allows you to refresh the image without much cost and effort.

Latent coloration

Many people want to dye their hair, but do not dare, fearing that they will have to put up with a new color for a long time, even if it does not live up to expectations. Fortunately, there is a dyeing technique that can camouflage overly bold color choices – hidden dyeing. Initial caution has turned into a full-fledged trend: colorists dye the strands in the lower layers of the hair in a bright shade, leaving the top intact.

At rest, the color is hidden by a natural shade, while in motion the colored strands reveal themselves, creating an interesting flashing effect. The play of light and color is very expressive. You can show the bright side of such coloring by styling in large waves or, for example, by collecting your hair in a high ponytail, if the length allows.

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Pink gold

Rose gold hair is taking over the Instagram pages more and more. The daring girls who wear this trendy hair color look very stylish and cute. This pastel shade of hair is perfect for any blonde. You can add a subtle hint of rose gold to strawberry blonde or dye your hair more intense colors.

Ecaille tortoiseshell hair coloring

Ecaille in French means tortoiseshell, – this fashionable hair coloring, also made using the balayage technique, gently combines golden light, caramel, chestnut and chocolate brown shades. Hair after such dyeing looks luxurious and very natural. If you want to update the look of your hairstyle, then tortoiseshell hair coloring is perfect for you. These warm colors create layered, multi-dimensional curls. And you don’t have to tint your roots often (except for gray hair). Just imagine that you can have the same beautiful hair color.

Cherry ombre

Cherry ombre can be as light or as intense as you like. First of all, this trendy hair color is suitable for brunettes. As with highlights on dark hair, cherry ombre helps emphasize the depth of color and create a natural shade of hair. It is the application of the cherry tone that reveals the richness of dark hair, from black to dark brown. The roots remain your color and only the length of the hair and ends are colored.

Black coloring

Colorists have ignored this color for a long time. Experiments with the effect of burnt hair, getting a bronde shade and pastel shades on the hair have carried away the masters too much, and even such a simple solution as dyeing black can give an impressive result. The most trendy shade is considered to be glossy black – with a “wet” glossy shine, which evokes associations with patent leather. Pros, however, say that to get it, you need to mix at least five different shades of dark paint.

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Light brown shades

This scale is triumphantly back in fashion in 2022. If earlier they tried to get away from the light brown color by hook or by crook (considering that it hardly makes the image brighter), now many are striving for it. It is chosen by girls who love everything natural. But it is important to note that contrasting accents in the make-up look good against the background of light brown. So this hair color from the list of fashion trends – 2022 is definitely worth taking note of.

Holographic coloring

How else can you dye your hair in 2022? An option for those who like non-standard options is holographic overflows. To achieve such a result, you will have to work hard, but the fact remains: hair coloring in 2021-2022 is reaching a new level. Strands from the top layer of hair are dyed in stripes in different neon shades. As a result, they get a holographic glow, with which it will definitely not work to stay in the shadows. The most advantageous neon highlights look on an icy blonde.

Twilightning technique

Colorists continue to look for ways to color strands in a way that results in the most natural visual volume effect possible. This is how a fashion trend called twilighting emerged by 2021. He combined the features of techniques such as babylights and balayage. Wide strands, lightened according to the ombre principle, alternate with very thin strands in “twilight” coloring. The trend was quickly picked up, because this approach can be used with any hair color.

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