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Get the Foxy eye Trend with Icloudhospital

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One treatment has gained enormous momentum this year, regardless of your point of view on it. What caused the popularity of fox eyes to grow so quickly? That’s how it’s done around here. So what is it about it that is so appealing? Icloudhospital will answer your questions. Keep on scrolling

Foxy Eyes: An Overview

Using a cosmetic treatment that raises and elongates the upper eyelid, it is possible to obtain the look of the “fox eye,” the “cat eye,” or the “designer eye.” This leads to a more almond-shaped eye, which attracts the viewer’s attention to the eyes in general.

With age, our skin’s elasticity decreases, resulting in flat, drooping, and what some people may consider an ‘unattractive’ eyebrow. Sagging brows are unavoidable because of the loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. The only option for this kind of concern was a surgical facelift in the past. Now, there are other options. As a consequence of technological advancements, a thread lift, a non-surgical alternative to a facelift, is now accessible.

As this trend rises, more people are coming to Icloudhospital for their successful Foxy eyes surgery which is worthwhile.

How to Obtain Foxy Eyes?

It is possible to get this look with various techniques, including PDO thread lifts, semi-permanent thread lifts, and the Hybrid Mini Surgical procedure at Icloudhospital.

The PDO thread lift is the method that is used the most often. To achieve this, dissolvable threads are inserted into the skin and then pulled back towards the temples to create an almond shape while also raising the brow tail. In addition to elevating the skin, the thread speeds up the healing process and stimulates collagen production in the treated areas.

The length of time the effects last is determined by the quality of the medical-grade thread used and the body’s inherent metabolism. However, clients like the fact that they can see results immediately.

How do the Techniques Function?

PDO threads and semi-permanent threads both use an approach quite similar to one another. As a result, the suture material is susceptible to degradation by the human body, resulting in results that endure for up to two to three years after the procedure.

According to the studies, the Hybrid Mini Surgical treatment, which uses a single hairline incision and lifting sutures, delivers the longest-lasting results and may be done under local anaesthetic for up to five years.

Consider these Options Before a Fox eye Lift

It is preferable to have the fox eye lift performed by a medically qualified aesthetic practitioner who can completely explain what the surgery entails and any potential complications that may emerge as a result of it. A person who is well-versed in dealing with any challenges that can emerge.

If you consider this as a medical therapy, it is important to remember that it is a trend and should not be taken for granted. Inquire us about the possibility of viewing before and after therapy pictures.

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