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Eyeliner Line: What Are the Current Trends?

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Do you want to know and master the latest makeup trends in eyeliner? Then this article is for you! Here, you will discover precisely how to achieve a trendy and stylish eyeliner line easily.

If one thing is sure, there is nothing better to sublimate a look than to add a small touch of eyeliner line on the eyes. Do you disagree? In any case, the stars have already understood that for a long time. Like Marylin Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or even Brigitte Bardot, who proudly adopted their superb eyeliner line and inspired millions worldwide. Today, eyeliner trends have changed a lot, and it must be recognized that it is not always easy to achieve some of them. This is the reason why we have written this article. Here, you will see what the most trendy eyeliner lines of the moment are and how to achieve them more easily.

Eyeliner line: what are the latest trends?

These days, makeup trends are not what they were even a few years ago. In the early 90s, for example, this trend leaned more towards very black and very thick eyeliner lines. Well, today, this is no longer the case at all! Of course, black is a timeless classic. But new trends have emerged over the years. Nowadays, especially the “graphic” and “colored” eyeliner lines are all the rage! Here are just a few trendy eyeliner ideas that might interest you.

Bold eyeliner

The bold eyeliner trend is proof that black eyeliner lines are indeed timeless! This makeup technique consists in particular of surrounding the eyes with a more or less thick black eyeliner and stretching the gaze to the sides. The objective is obviously to obtain a smokier look. In short, it is, therefore, as if you were making a “smoky eye” but a little less intense.

The colored liner

As we have just mentioned above, the colored eyeliner lines are very trendy at the moment. Among the most popular colors are all shades of blue as well as all shades of green, including purple. Nowadays, some even go so far as to try more atypical colors! You will see that today, it is not at all rare to come across a line of white, or yellow, or pink eyeliner and sometimes even neon!

Glitter eyeliner

If you go to parties regularly, you will surely notice that more and more women are adopting the glitter eyeliner line trend. Here, the golden and silver eyeliners are invading the market. But in recent months, we have seen that multi-colored glitter eyeliners are also starting to convince more people and therefore gain traction.

How to achieve your eyeliner line

As we have just seen, there is no shortage of trendy eyeliner ideas at all. On the contrary, there is plenty to choose from! It is not always easy to draw a perfect eyeliner line when you are not a real “expert” in makeup. Well, in this section, we’re going to show you just how to make it easier to achieve an eyeliner stroke.

Make yourself comfortable!

This is probably not the “first step to drawing an eyeliner line” that you expected, but it is an essential step! And yes, tell yourself that if you do not adopt the right posture, you risk getting tired (or even shaking) and therefore completely missing your makeup. The ideal would be to adopt a seated position. You should also find flat support that is high enough so that you can rest your elbows on it and thus avoid shaking.

Prepare your eyes

Once you are perfectly installed, you will then have to prepare your eyes to receive the line of eyeliner. Here, the goal is to eliminate any possible makeup residue from the day before that may have remained on your eyelids. When this is done, all you have to do is choose the best eyeliner you need. And from there, you can finally start drawing your eyeliner line with confidence.

Choose the right product.

Before you can draw your eyeliner line, you must first choose what type of eyeliner you are going to use. What you should know is that there are 4 types of eyeliner on the market:

  • The eyeliner pencil gives depth and intensity to the eyes, especially when the pencil is thick enough.
  • The eyeliner pen or felt eyeliner which is precisely even thicker than the pencil. But the upside is that it is much easier to use, so perfect for beginners!
  • On the other hand, Liquid eyeliner is more difficult to master since it has been specially designed for people more “experienced” in makeup. Here, you will notably have to soak excellent tips in a liquid eyeliner solution before drawing on your eyes. So, imagine the level of precision to achieve an eyeliner line.
  • On the other hand, gel eyeliner (or cream eyeliner) looks a lot like liquid eyeliner. The only difference is that the eyeliner is presented in gel and cream instead of liquid this time. This is something that makeup professionals are likely to all love.

Start drawing your eyeliner line.

Do you now know which product to choose? Well, now is the time to outline your eyeliner. To do this, you should first start by applying a “base” for your eyeliner line. First, draw your eyeliner line at the outer angles of the eyes. Then continue to calmly draw your eyeliner until you reach the inner angles of the eyes. As you go, you can thicken, reduce or even stretch the size of your eyeliner line as you see fit.

Tips for drawing your eyeliner correctly 

You can start over each time your eyeliner line; you still will not succeed? In that case, here are some valuable tips that could surely help you:

  • Curl your eyelashes as much as possible to make it easier to draw the eyeliner line. If you don’t have a specific eyelash curler, you can always try applying mascara to thicken your lashes.
  • If you can’t draw your eyeliner line correctly, use the “spoon” technique. The latter consists of using a spoon as a ruler to draw a perfect eyeliner on the edges of the eyes.
  • You can always go with something else if you don’t feel particularly comfortable drawing an eyeliner line with a spoon. For example, you could use scotch tape to outline your eyeliner.

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