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Eye Drops for Dry Eyes: What Are Your Options?

Malik usman

Are you feeling a drying sensation in your eyes? If yes then this article is for you because in this article we are going to share everything related to dry eyes.

Which type of eye drops will work for these dry eyes and what are their causes and symptoms.

So let’s get towards it.

What Are Dry Eyes?

First, you need to understand dry eyes properly. It is a common eye disease that causes when there is a lack of moisture and chronic lubrication on the eyes surface.

Your eyes also need moisture and a limited consistent layer of wetness or tear is a must to keep your eyes healthy.

When there is a lack of moisture then the cornea becomes irritated which results in red and irritated eyes. 

Causes of Dry Eyes:

Dry eyes are caused by many different reasons. Some most common are mentioned below.

Computer Use:

We use computers and mobile phones a lot. We use them for both fun and working purposes.

We focus on these digital devices properly which results in incomplete and less blinking of eyes.

If we less blink the tears get evaporated which causes dry eyes.

Contact Lenses:

Contact lenses whether they are prescription lenses or not they cause serious dryness in the eyes.

Due to dry eyes mostly people stopped wearing contact lenses.

Contact lenses indeed enhance your eyes but they make your eyes very dry.

You can also use the best eye lightening drops if you want to permanently change the color of your eyes.


Aging is a great factor in the drying of the eyes. Dry eyes problem can be caused at any age but after 50 it becomes more common.

Women suffer from dry eyes early compared to men.

Dry eyes problem in women causes mostly after the age of 40. 

Indoor Environment:

The indoor environment contains air conditioning, fans, and heaters, etc.

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These things reduce the humidity and moisture in the environment which results in quick tear evaporation and then it causes dry eyes.

Outdoor Environment:

Dry weather, wind, high altitudes, or dry conditions causes eye dryness.

Eye dryness occurs in the cold season mostly.


Smoking is injurious to health. Smoking causes a lot of eye problems such as uveitis, cataracts, eye dryness, and much more.

Excess to smoking can also cause eye blindness and vision loss. 


Medicines also cause eye dryness whether they are prescribed by the doctor or not.

Blood pressure and birth control pills have alot of chances of causing eye dryness.

Health Conditions:

Health conditions such as diabetes, thyroid disorder, Vitamin A deficiency, lupus, arthritis, allergic reaction, and much more cause eye dryness.

Which Type Of Eye Drop Work For Dry Eyes?

Eye drops are of two types commonly OTC and prescription eye drops. 


Over-the-counter eye drops are considered one of the best effective ways to remove the dryness of the eyes but temporarily.

OTC eye drops are of two types short term and long-term.

It instantly relieves the irritation, dryness, and burning sensation from the eyes.

These drops contain humectants, lubricants, and electrolytes.

The humectant is the best substance to retain the moisture in the eyes.

OTC drops are only available in traditional eye drops, gel, and ointments.

Use these drops as recommended by the doctor but these drops are suitable for night use.


These eye drops are prescribed by doctors mostly and they include medicines also.

These eyedrops kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation after entering the eyes. 

If you have eye inflammation that causes dryness you can go for Cyclosporine.

These are prescribed eye drops and they are best for eye inflammation treatment. 

You can use these drops once or twice a day or as prescribed by a doctor.


It has side effects too so use only on the doctor’s prescription.

Eye drops come both with and without preservatives. 

If your eye drops have preservatives then they will prevent the growth of bacteria.

But these drops can be irritating for the eyes too. These eye drops are suitable for people that have serious eye dryness problems.

And if your eye drops do not contain preservatives then they are suitable for moderate eye drying problems.

They contain fewer chemicals so they are slightly on the expensive side.


We have tried to cover every point related to eye dryness.

After this article, you can choose the best eye drop possible according to your preference.

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