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Everything You Want to Know About Solara Suncare

Jeannie Jarnot

Out of all the skincare companies producing sunscreen right now, only a small number of brands stand out for creating gentle, natural options that protect the skin from environmental stressors like the sun, without including any potentially irritating ingredients. Not all skincare is created equal, so it is good to highlight the brands that are creating products that are completely healthy and safe to put on your skin everyday. Solara Suncare is a great example of this with their lineup of clean, plant-based SPF products. We fell in love with their products and the ideas behind the brand, so we have some aspects of this brand that you might want to know.

Mineral Sunscreen Filters
Unlike many brands on the market today, Solara Suncare exclusively uses mineral SPF in their products to provide defense against the sun. They do this because mineral SPF is known to be more gentle on the skin and less irritating than chemical sunscreen, especially for those who already have sensitive skin. Mineral sunscreen is a natural option that provides effective protection against the sun with a reduced chance of causing irritation like chemical sunscreen. Chemical sun filters are also linked to environmental damage, harming marine ecosystems, so it is better to avoid it if possible.

Solara’s Approach to Suncare
Solara Suncare takes a very universal approach to sun protection products, keeping people with different skin types and skin tones in mind. This is evident in Solara’s formulation of a gentle facial sunscreen product that is made with mineral SPF and is thoughtfully formulated without any harmful or irritating ingredients like fragrances, which can cause discomfort for people with sensitive skin.

This was an important aspect of Solara’s founding from the very beginning because the founder Stephanie DiPisa wanted a sunscreen product that would protect her and her children, despite her Lyme disease and her children’s allergies. Regardless of skin conditions, health, age, or any other factor, Solara Suncare provides sun protection for everyone. All of Solara’s products are formulated to be clean, good for the skin, and effective at preventing sun damage from UV light.


Protection for Face & Body
We all seem to understand that it is important to have a consistent skincare routine, but many of us still forget that this includes the rest of our bodies past our necks. The rest of our skin is still vulnerable to environmental stressors like UV harmful rays and still shows signs of aging over time. It is better to practice proper skincare with your entire body in mind, which includes sunscreen as well. Any parts of your bare skin that get exposed to the sun while you are out should be protected by sunscreen to help prevent sun damage and signs of aging.

Thankfully, Solara Suncare has considered these concerns as well and created clean, healthy options for sunscreen designed purposefully for the body. They have their classic daily sunscreen for body, as well as another option for a glowing effect, which gives your skin a fresh, radiant finish with no sparkle or glitter in sight. The moisturizing lip serum with SPF is another great addition to their family on suncare products because it delivers protection to the lips which are often neglected. Your lips still show signs of aging and sun damage, and can even get dried out just from sun exposure, so it is great that Solara Suncare thought ahead to also include this in their well-rounded lineup of products that anyone can use.

You can check out Solara Suncare’s products for face and body online at They have some beautiful products that can definitely help you to shield and hydrate your skin using only safe, natural ingredients.

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