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Best Winter Treks in Bangalore

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Bangalore with its diverse surroundings offers many tourist attractions ranging from museums to beautiful city gardens. Among all those experiences trekking around Bangalore has earned itself a reputation.

Here are the top picks for trekking in Bangalore for your winter vacations.

Kumara Parvatha Trek

Kumar Parvatha standing tall at an altitude of 1712 meters is the third highest peak of Karnataka. The Kumara Parvatha trek route is moderate to difficult and requires a significant amount of physical fitness. However, the rewarding climb to the top with picturesque surroundings makes all the hassle worth it. The 15 km trail can be covered over a period of one to two days depending upon whether you want to do camping or not.

Surrounded by beautiful terrain Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary offers a glimpse into the wildlife. Witness the daunting peak of Kumara Parvatha which is one of the highest in Pushpagiri. Visit the ancient temple of Kukke Subramanya to seek the blessings and engulf in the overwhelming devotion.

Trek Distance: 15 km.

Trek Altitude: 1712 meters.

Best Season: October to February.

Distance from Bangalore: 220 km.


Ramnagara provides the best trekking experience to both seasonal and beginner trekkers alike. Although, at some points the climb gets as steep as 50 degrees, making the trek challenging for the new trekkers. The walk in this rocky terrain is ideal for a winter vacation.

The landscape is lined with huge rocks and boulders, where you can recreate the scene “Kitne aadmi the” from the Sholay movie with your friends. You can even visit ancient Pattabhi Rama Temple or take part in rock climbing activities. Other attractions include Kanva reservoir, the Mekedatu and Janapada Loka.

Trek Distance: 6 km.

Trek Altitude: 920 meters.

Best Season: November to February.

Distance from Bangalore: 55 km.

Skandagiri Sunrise Trek

Skandagiri hills, also known as Kalavara Hills, is at a distance of 61 km from Bangalore. This 8 km of trail stretch includes a total of two caves that you can explore. This is primarily famous for its night trekking and bird watching amidst the beautiful mountain.

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The Skandagiri Sunrise trek is particularly done to watch the scenic beauty at the sunrise and just be mesmerized by it. Skandagiri is regarded as one of the oldest fortresses, which is now in ruins among the scenery, making it one of the photogenic spots.

The undoubtedly famous trek in Skandagiri is best for all kinds of travel enthusiasts with its jaw dropping views and adventurous trail that even beginners can scale.

Trek Distance: 8 km.

Trek Altitude: 1,450 meters.

Best Season: November to January.

Distance from Bangalore: 61 km.

Anthargange Trek

Anthargange is your go-to trekking spot if you are new to trekking and still wants all the fruits of the hiking experience. This short distance trek of about 4 km will take you through the sculpted volcanic rocks that you can marvel at.

The Anthargange trek is another winter spot for you to explore the hidden caves and arrive at the top to get a splendid view of the sunrise.

The Kolar town from atop the Anthargange peak looks golden in the rising sun at dawn. This is also considered to be one of the best night treks near Bangalore. Contrast to the hot and humid conditions in summers, Anthargange offers a pleasant walk in nature during winters.

Trek Distance: 4 Kms.

Trek Altitude: 1712 meters.

Best Season: November – February.

Distance From Bangalore: 60 Kms.

Kodachadri Hills

When it comes to spending your time in nature, Kodachadri trek offers the perfect travel destination in the South. With an altitude of 1343 meters, the Kodachadri is the 13th highest peak in Karnataka.

Set against the backdrop of Arabian sea, Kodachadri is declared as the Natural Heritage Site by the department of Karnataka. True to its meaning ‘A hill of Jasmine’ in local language, Kodachadri offers a range of flora and fauna for you to immerse in. The several highlights like Sarvanja Peetha, Ganesh Guha, Hidlumane falls will keep you on your toes for your entire trek.

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Trek Elevation: 4406 ft.

Trek Distance: 20 km.

Trek Time: 1 day/2 day.

Best Season: September to February.

Distance from Bangalore: 422 km

Bheemeshwari Trek

Bheemeshwari trek is full of nature and packed with adventurous activities. This trek lying between three waterfalls and flanked by the beautiful Cauvery River is really popular among trekkers. The flourishing flora and fauna is a sight for the sore eyes during winters.

At a distance of 110 km from Bangalore, this trek serves as the perfect getaway for the weekend. You can try out various activities like fishing, camping, rafting, kayaking, zip-lining, rafting, high rope crossing and many more.

Trek Distance: 9.9 km.

Trek Altitude: 1000 meters.

Best Season: November to February.

Distance from Bangalore: 110 km.

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