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7 Fantastic Beauty Trends for 2024 That You’ll Simply Adore

Hussain Ali

As 2024 is right around the corner, it’s time to start looking into the newest beauty trends for the new year. Beauty trends are always changing and you never know when new ideas might form or when old ideas begin to take the center stage again. When you keep yourself up to date on all the latest trending makeup ideas and hottest beauty trends, you can be sure to always leave the house in style.

For 2024, we predict a whole lot of fabulous beauty, makeup, and fashion trends to consider trying out. If you’re not sure where to begin, then you’ll want to continue reading below. In this guide, you’ll find all of the latest beauty trends to expect from the new year.

Continue reading to learn more and start preparing your shopping list!

1. Bring Back the Glitter

Let’s think back to the early and mid-90s. What’s one thing you remember seeing everywhere and having a lot of yourself? It’s glitter!

Glitter was EVERYWHERE back in the day and throughout the years the trend comes and goes. For the new year, you can expect to see more of it than usual. Jewels will still be quite popular, but don’t forget to throw some glitter in there as well.

Be sure to grab as many glittered eye shadows as possible so you have a shade of glitter for every occasion.

2. Lips With Lipliner

In what other ways can we bring the 90s into the new year? Well-defined lips are your answer. For this trend, you don’t want to overline your lips to extend their shape, but you do want to enhance the natural shape that you already have.

Line your lips using neutral lipstick with a lip liner that coordinates with it. It’s a simple process and will make your lips appear fuller without creating an overdone look. How can you create this look?

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Start by applying your lipstick. This allows you to see where your lips naturally touch one another. Then, use a lip liner that’s a shade or so darker than the lipstick you used.

Perfect your lip shape using the lipliner and there you have it!

3. Blush With a Statement

Are you already using blush as part of your makeup routine? If not, then now is the time to start testing it out, and if you already are using it, then it’s time to start experimenting with it. Have fun with different shades and the placement of the blush to create a unique look.

Apply it across your nose and on the apples of your cheeks as you normally would, but then test it out on higher points of your face, such as right above the cheekbones. This will give you a more sculpted appearance.

4. Highlighted Hair

As a child, you might have tried a few highlights in your hair here and there. For the new year, we’re taking highlights to a new level. Rather than highlighting the roots of your hair and down, it’s time for some low-maintenance highlights.

Subtlety is key. Highlights are making a major return but doing so in a peek-a-boo way. These highlights add color and dimension to your hair but they don’t take over your entire head. For this reason, they’re much easier to maintain as they blend more naturally into your hair.

5. Two-Winged Eyeliner

Were you a fan of winged eyeliner? The cat-eye and reverse cat-eye look were popular in the past years, but now we’ve moved our focus onto two-winged eyeliner instead. You’ll see a few celebrities rocking the double-winged eyeliner look, and it’s worth testing out for yourself.

You can even consider adding a third wing in there as well! Why is adding multiple wings so popular? When you have multiple wings, you can play with more colors and different shades of liner, which creates a bigger impact. Shades of white, blue, and green all work well together to give you something to start out with.

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Once you begin trying a few different colors and shades, you’ll start to experiment more and more with it and realize how much fun it can be!

6. Hair With Texture

Textured hair is a must for the new year. Think of stylish waves that almost look like your hair might be wet. That’s the new style. Use a variety of products to create waves and curls in your hair.

Anything you can do to give it the texture is ideal. Use a styling gel or mousse to ensure you create a wet look.

7. Long Eyelashes

You’ve seen eyelashes becoming longer and longer throughout the years and there’s no slowing them down into the new year. Full, thick eyelashes are a must. Long eyelashes are becoming so stylish that seeing anyone without them is starting to look abnormal.

There are many different eyelash serums you can use to try to grow longer and fuller eyelashes, but high-quality eyelash extensions are a great option as well. When you have a professional technician apply the eyelash extensions for you, you’ll have beautiful and long eyelashes for several weeks!

Take your time selecting the right type of eyelash extensions for you, as there are many different options/styles to choose from. Test a few out before making a commitment to a specific type of eyelash.

Which Beauty Trends Will You Test Out?

There’s no denying that the new year has many beauty trends for us to try. Be sure to keep these beauty trend tips in mind as we soon enter into the new year. Have this guide handy to refer back to when needed and never hesitate to try out every trend listed above!

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