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7 Things People with Anxiety Disorder Must Do to Calm Down

Tom Clark

Everyone has anxiety to some extent. It is a normal emotion, according to top therapists. But for the 45 million people all across the globe (20 percent of adult population) suffering from anxiety disorder, the feeling tends to interfere with daily life.

If you are one of those people, you are aware of the struggles. But here is the good news – you can indulge in a lot of simple activities to feel better. In fact, several people shared on their Instagram and Twitter accounts tried-and-tested ways for coping. Now these ways do not cure anxiety disorder but help manage the stress, soothe tension, and supplement therapy and medication.


The experts providing anxiety treatment online said meditation calms the mind down and creates a profound state of relaxation. When meditating, you concentrate your attention and get rid of the variety of jumbled thoughts that are crowding your mind and causing stress. Meditation contributes to improved emotional and physical wellness.


Studies have shown that regular exercise can ease anxiety and depression. Engaging in physical activities diverts your mind from the thing you have been feeling anxious about. Increasing your heart rate alters your brain chemistry and produces significant anti-anxiety neurochemicals such as serotonin, endocannabinoids, gamma aminobutyric acid, etc.

Bubble Bath

Taking a hot bubble bath can help you fight anxiety to a great extent. While there is nothing better than a bath after a long exhausting day, researches showed that dips in hot water can boost the mood of people with generalized anxiety, depression, and fever. This actually works much better than the antidepressants.


Have you ever released stress by dancing around in your room to your most favorite tunes or enjoyed a cry with the help of an emotional love song? If yes, you know the power of music. Listening to calming music can reduce the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.

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The bond between animals and humans is quite strong. And the positive relationship between pets and mental wellbeing is simply undeniable. Playing with and petting animals can also stop the production of stress hormones. And this occurs within just three minutes of communicating with a pet.


Reading books, specifically fiction, engages your mind and imagination completely. Any type of activity that has meditative qualities in which your brain is focused on one task is proven to eliminate stress and escalate relaxation. A study conducted in 2009 showed that reading can reduce anxiety by almost 70%.


When people suffering from anxiety disorder are asked to describe one of their episodes, they usually say a variation of the following phrase – ‘I thought I will die’. Whether it is a constant feeling of terror or recurrent panic, the arousal of flight/fight response creates a sense of urgency and a wide range of physical symptoms.

Yoga can help in such a situation because it does not ask people to rationalize their way out. They are instead given tools to identify feelings, thoughts, and action that caused anxiety. In a yoga class, you are also taught how to control your stress response and build resilience towards stress.

The aforementioned activities are straightforward, easy, and some were, dare I say it – fun! Try them along with therapy and prescribed medications of course and get your mind off of all the worries.

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