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6 Natural Remedies for Pain Management

Hussain Ali

According to the CDC, chronic pain is one of the most common reasons people seek medical care.

Not only is this a scary statistic, but those suffering from chronic pain are at risk of poor mental health, opioid dependence, and lower quality of life. But aside from taking medication and undergoing intense treatment, what can you do for pain management?

Luckily, there are plenty of natural remedies for pain management. They may not substitute intense clinical treatment, but they’re easy and accessible ways to relieve your symptoms.

Below, we’ll cover six natural remedies for pain management. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Spices

Regular use of spices in your daily diet can be a significant part of a comprehensive pain management plan. Turmeric, black pepper, garlic, cinnamon, cayenne, and cloves are just several out of many spices that offer pain relief.

Turmeric decreases swelling, while black pepper offers general muscle relief. Garlic and cinnamon reduce inflammation, cloves numb pain, and cayenne reduces neurotransmitters that send pain signals.

These spices also have plenty of health benefits beyond pain relief. So use them in your daily routine if you’re looking for an easy, natural way to relieve chronic pain. Sip on ginger tea and cook with plenty of spices for an aromatic and effective pain relief method.

2. Massages

If you thought massages were only for a night of luxury, think again. Massages can address many health concerns, including those involving chronic pain.

This is for several reasons, including its ability to relax the muscles. A masseuse will treat those experiencing muscle, joint, and tendon pain by intercepting pain messages to and from the brain.

Not only that, but it will also relieve stress. Doing so will reduce the likelihood of developing physical, stress-related pains. There are even massage clinics that specialize in clinical massage therapy for those needed a heavier-duty outcome.

3. CBD

Many people know THC, a cannabinoid famous for its psychoactive and medicinal properties. But CBD, its purely medicinal counterpart, isn’t psychoactive at all. For that reason, many users can enjoy CBD’s pain-relieving benefits without any unwanted “high.”

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In fact, CBD has been used for pain relief since 2900 BC. That’s probably because of its ability to reduce inflammation and communicate with neurotransmitters. CBD’s benefits are also more effective when combined with THC, making full-spectrum products most conducive for chronic pain relief.

Some users don’t need to take CBD orally, either. Instead, they can use a topical such as this Common Ground pain relief salve, especially if they’re experiencing skin inflammation. And if they want a more pleasant oral experience, they can purchase flavored edibles.

4. Acupuncture

This method might seem uncomfortable for anyone who’s never experienced it. But acupuncture is fantastic for certain types of pain, such as low back pain, neck pain, and osteoarthritis. It might even help people with chronic headaches or migraines.

Acupuncture treatment uses thin needs to stimulate specific nerves, connective tissue, and muscles strategically. This stimulation prevents a “cytokine storm” that would otherwise trigger inflammation. These needles must be placed on pressure points only existing on certain parts of the body.

Treatment can even affect the part of the brain that deals with serotonin, helping patients relieve stress and anxiety. As mentioned before, these conditions could cause pain if not prevented or treated.

5. Sleep

Getting enough sleep is crucial for people experiencing chronic pain. Without it, you can cause even more hurt or increase your sensitivity to it.

That’s because sleep deprivation can actually numb your brain’s pain-killing response. Not only that, but lack of sleep can also cause tension in the body, contributing further to physical pain.

This can cause a vicious cycle in which your lack of sleep intensifies or causes pain, which affects the quality of your sleep. So do what you can to ensure that you get enough sleep.

If you have a chronic sleep disorder, you might need to speak with a doctor to receive treatment. But whether or not you need clinical sleep treatment, it’s important to relieve sleep—and in turn, pain—by employing stress-relieving measures. Such measures include meditating, aromatherapy, a relaxing hobby, and more.

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6. Exercise

Before you start doing strenuous squats, understand that not all forms of exercise are conducive to pain relief. That doesn’t mean that those that aren’t are useless. In fact, most forms of exercise are great for improving people’s pain threshold.

But you might have to be strategic if you want to exercise specifically to relieve chronic pain. It’s probably also a good idea to exercise under the supervision of a medical professional to make sure you don’t injure yourself, especially if you experience chronic back, hip, knee, and shoulder pain.

Otherwise, you can worsen the very problem you’re trying to fix. It’s also crucial that you give yourself plenty of time to rest. Doing so will allow your muscles to recover and prevent injury.

Natural Pain Management Strategies for Chronic Comfort

Suffering from chronic pain can be debilitating to your quality of life and mental health.

But finding a pain management strategy that works for you can significantly improve your comfort. So if you’re someone that deals with chronic pain, we hope this post offers you a few helpful strategies.

This guide is meant to offer a few pain management strategies for those that suffer from chronic pain. If it did, then check out the rest of our content. We’ve got plenty of other posts for readers such as you.

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