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5 Easy Massage Techniques that will calm your body and mind

Megan Coburn

Do you know that body massage is fantastic for your mind and soul? 

Some private massage therapists and spas in the market teach good massage techniques for satisfying customers. Body massage helps to maintain a healthy balance between professional and personal life. 

It regulates a healthy lifestyle among the current generation. Most people think that body massage is an excellent treat in terms of money and time. So, it would help if you often do online booking for a massage. Body massage is a self-care to nurture and show love for oneself and it relaxes your mind and body to release tension. You can upload an online massage booking app on your mobile device to avail of the facilities. Really, it’s a small investment that reinforces its benefits and makes your body and mind calm.  

 Are you aware of the timing for body massage?


Generally, you have to rub your body for 10 minutes on a specific part, and it will help to relieve stress. Body massage gets a proper blood flow, reduces stress, and leaves your body relaxed and fresh. After your hectic work, if you want to feel comfortable, do an online booking for a massage to soothe your body parts.

However, you will find a quiet setting in the spa, and they can ask you to turn off all gadgets to avoid distractions. Then, you will find your massage therapist to take soothing oil to do the body massage with tender love and care.  

Here are some parts where therapists can do body massage to make you feel relaxed.          

1. Stroke on shoulders

Massaging your shoulder leads to stress relief, and it is the most classic area in our body. You can make people feel tension-free by putting on good massage techniques for shoulders. It is a great way to relax your muscles and make your body feel good.

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First, you need to place your hands on the shoulders with the thumbs on the upper back and four fingers at the collar bone. Next, you have to make a circular motion with your hands and concentrate more on making circles with the thumbs on either side of the backbone just below your collarbone. While maintaining the circular motion, you have to use both of your hands. Finally, you have to place hands on one shoulder at a time for a deeper and relaxing stroke.   

2) Heal your head

The traditional head massage originated in India, and it is a great way to relieve your stress while doing body massage for women. Head massage is an ancient Ayurveda form of healing to make the body calm. You have to place your fingers at the side of your head and ensure to move your hands slowly.

It should look like you are shampooing your hair. Simultaneously you have to gently let the fingers glide off and slowly lower your hands. You even have to lower your hands and move them around to a different part of your head. After that, you have to repeat this process over the scalp and don’t forget to include a rubbing motion with your fingertips.

3) Rub your foot

This is the best massage for those who walk a lot and notice themselves on their feet for the whole day. This will also help them to treat their stress, headache, and insomnia. Well, you can rub their foot about five times with a bit of soothing oil. Then, you can hold the foot firmly with both of your hands. Try to use the thumbs to apply excess pressure throughout the bottom of the foot as you have to work your way from heel to toe. 

4) Press your hands 

During the traditional massage, the hand is the most overlooked part of the body. However, it is a blessing to receive a hand massage for those who use their hands for the whole day. Hand massage is the perfect way to show affection, and it can be highly relaxing.  

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You have to use your thumbs to apply pressure to the palm gently and work your way up for each finger. You have to apply pressure to your palm. You have to start with your little finger and give it a good rub. Don’t miss repeating this step for each finger, and also try to include your thumb. You have to place the person’s wrist between your two wrists and shake from one side to another. 

5) Freshen a tired face

Face muscles also need care and love as similar to other parts of the body. Face massage is the perfect way for proper blood flow to your area and leaves your skin fresh. You have to start with your hands in a prayer formation on the forehead. Then, slowly, you have to glide down a few times and use the index fingers to apply on the nose.

At the same time, you have to bring all your fingers to the jaw and rub it in a circular motion. Then try to place the thumbs above the middle of the upper lip and glide down either side. Don’t miss repeating this step at the bottom of the lips and bringing the middle and index fingers to the temples. After getting the middle fingers to the center, move your fingers in a circular motion. Then you have to place both hands on the forehead and try to wish for the person you have received the body massage. 


Many of us believe that flopping on the couch and zoning out in front of the TV gives a lot of relaxation to our bodies. Unfortunately, this works little to minimize the damaging effects of stress. Ultimately, your body needs to activate the natural relaxation response and get habituated to body massage for lowering the blood pressure and bringing your body back into balance. You can use the above massage techniques or take the help of a massage parlor to relax your body parts. It makes the mind and soul calm and paves the way to a healthy lifestyle.  

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