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Why Is The Trend Of Cooking In Iron Kadai Coming Back?

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It is sometimes easy to become so preoccupied with choosing what food to eat that we forget to focus on what is truly valuable. Food is only one part of the equation; preparing it is what makes the difference.

It’s been a long time since we used iron in the kitchen. The iron utensil in India is one of the oldest everyday utensils still in use today. For years, we’ve used it to prepare various foods, such as curries and fried dishes.

As iron is not covered with any synthetic or harmful materials, iron pots or pans are considered the safest for cooking food. The use of cast-iron dishes and pans to prepare food is also beneficial since iron increases in the body when cooked.

Traditional cookware has become increasingly popular, and the cast iron Kadai is returning to the foreground in recent years. Those who have experience working with cast iron offer recommendations on how to utilize the material best.

Here are a few benefits of cooking in cast iron Kadai.

Nonstick by nature

There are many Teflon-based non-stick pans on the market nowadays. However, they do not have any health benefits. The chemicals like perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) are released into the air when the pan is heated. As a result of scratching non-stick surfaces, your food is exposed to even more PFCs. 

Several studies suggest that certain PFCs, such as PFOA and PFOS, are linked to hormone disruption, liver dysfunction, and neurological problems. As a result, these chemicals contaminate waterways, pollute the soil, and end up in your food like fish from contaminated water. Furthermore, they do not biodegrade for years.

However, if you use a cast iron Kadai, you don’t have to worry about Teflon-based chemicals and can cook your meals in non-stick Kadai free of chemicals.

Easily cleaned

If you are a cook, then you will know how difficult it is to clean utensils. This is especially true for a Kadai, as all the grease, oil, and oily stickiness gets stuck and becomes impossible to clean. It would have been wise to have anticipated how much effort it would take to get all the brown bits out. 

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On the other hand, cast iron Kadai makes cleaning very easy since food is easily released from them. An elegant cast iron Kadai makes cooking a meal a joy.

Adds iron to food

Many sources acknowledge that cast iron increases iron levels in food. However, few studies quantify it. By cooking with cast iron Kadai, you can increase the amount of iron your food contains. A cast-iron pot is an easy way to boost your iron intake while consuming more iron-rich foods such as beef, beans, and spinach. 

Acidic and long-cooked foods absorb most iron. Even food that is not acidic and cooks quickly, like eggs or fried potatoes, has an iron content of five times when cooked in an iron Kadai.


Generally, you can find Regular cast iron Kadai online readily available in the market. These are more affordable than buying other utensils because they are lightweight, inexpensive, and made of pure iron. It is nearly four times cheaper to buy a brand new pure cast iron Kadai than a new Kadai made of another material. Moreover, because cast iron lasts for a very long time, it’s a one-time purchase. 


Despite its lightweight, cast iron Kadai is unbreakable and durable. Because of the anticorrosive properties that make it more durable, convenient, and provides many health benefits over line Teflon-based products. Cast iron Kadai improves with age, unlike any other cookware. Every time you cook on it, the pan’s surface becomes smoother, allowing oil to penetrate deeper and further improve the seasoned look. 

Even Cooking Temperature

In addition to being hefty, cast iron Kadai can retain heat for longer than other types of pans due to their weight. This method works well whether you’re searing steaks at high temperatures or simmering stews at low temperatures. In cases where your stove is not as reliable as you would like, a cast iron Kadai could prevent you from burning your dinner. It is always nice not to burn dinner.

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Cast iron Kadai is widely used nowadays due to its various benefits, so it is not surprising that people are going back to using cast iron for cooking. Because of many studies, we have seen a large utility option with many health benefits as well. To switch to or go back to using iron Kadai as you used in your childhood days, you can purchase iron Kadai online.

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