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Nine Obstacles That Block a Yogic Path

Jatinder Singh

Yogic Path – With smartphones and laptops dominating everyone’s lives, it has become harder to take some time off and focus on yourself. In this age of endless distractions, getting onto a yoga mat itself seems like an accomplishment to many.

However, it is not an issue faced by only those starting a yoga practice. Experienced yogis also face this dilemma when they are unable to move ahead in daily yoga practice. The yogic path contains obstacles which might appear trivial from the outside but leave a deeper impact.

Obstacles That Blocks Yogic Path

With that said, let us take a look at what these obstacles are.


When your body and mind are completely drained of all energy, this is when Vyadhi happens. Although it is completely natural for you to feel as though your health is beyond control. This imbalance or lack of energy is a result of negative energy circulating from your mind. Enrolling in the 500 hour yoga teacher training helps you get rid of this obstacle.


This one is prevalent in the present age of distractions and over-stimulation. As a beginner, your desire to be a yogi starts fading after a few days into the practice. You get tired of the sessions and fall back into the daily routine.

You can change the yoga style or technique which helps your body work according to the changes in subtle energies. Yoga experts recommend that you practice yoga in a way which improves your experience and not make the session boring.


A common obstacle that many face on the yogic path is the belief that their efforts are not worth it. Ever wondered why it is so hard to believe that we are worthy of being our best version? In the long run, this lack of self-confidence enters into yoga practice and leads to issues like being late to class.

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Yoga experts recommend that you enroll in Yoga Alliance certification to learn the techniques to get rid of this obstacle.


The world of 21st century is a place riddled with distractions from all around. This distraction also impacts the yoga practice. Moreover, life comes with endless responsibilities towards career, relationships, health, and family. At the same time you might have to deal with the problem of substance abuse.

These distractions make their way into our yoga lifestyle where it makes you more irritable rather than peaceful. You should set a time to keep all distractions aside and fight the distracted mind. It will not be an easy battle, but one that is worth the effort.


There is no doubt that you would feel lazy at times. However, being lazy too much has a heavy impact on the yoga practice. However, at times like these, instead of forcing your body to move you should practice the yogic technique of Pranayama and meditation.

Remember, yoga is an ancient art that has tons of techniques to help you focus on the practice. You can join a certified 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn how to focus the mind and get rid of this obstacle for good.


The worst obstacle on the yogic path is your desire to numb out and escape. It is where an external object takes control of the mind and drives you away from the end goal. Deeper yoga practice can break that tie and help you dive deeper into yourself.

Keep in mind that all the sensations and distractions are a part of the yogic path and will eventually subside with time.


The greatest ability of your mind is creating stories from experience and perceptions. Unfortunately, this leads to cognitive dissonance where your thoughts and beliefs become inconsistent. With yoga, it has the potential to unravel one’s progress and practice from the inside out.

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For example, you might get attached to a particular technique which makes you discredit every other yoga style or technique. Enroll in the 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn all about this yoga obstacle and how to get rid of it.


Out of all yoga obstacles described above, four of them are different forms of doubt. However, this one is despondence which comes in the form of a plateau in yoga practice. You should consider the parameters being used to measure progress in the yoga practice.

Yoga experts recommend that you carry an intense desire to become better with every yoga session. Let go of all the misconceptions of having a strong and flexible body prior to enrolling in a yoga class.


This is the obstacle that causes you to become instable and not focus on the stage of yoga. However, with the Yoga Alliance certification you can easily get rid of this obstacle.

Thus, these are the major obstacles which make it harder for you to move ahead on the yogic path.

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Do you feel stuck at a particular stage of yoga practice? You should refer to this guide on getting rid of all the obstacles in the way of this journey. Enroll in the certified 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn the techniques of getting rid of this issue.

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