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Incorporate Sweetex Icing Shortening Into Your Recipes

John Madrigal

Baking can seriously be considered a science. The recipes, exact measurements, and the baking time that goes into each recipe can only work if they are done exactly the correct way. Baking and creating yummy treats have been an international pastime and even career for years and years. A lot of times, baking can be used as a way to bring family and friends together and hold together tradition.

Baking can be a very fun way to gain a new hobby or experiment with new recipes to try out new things. There’s nothing more rewarding than baking something, sharing it with family, friends, or neighbors, and watching their faces light up as they taste the treats you made them.

When trying out new recipes, it can be easy to fall back into the same types of things you make. If you and your family love cookies, it’s easier to constantly be looking for and trying different cookie recipes. If you love making your own candy, then the same logic goes for that. However, you never know what amazing recipes and treats you can find when you try something new.

This doesn’t mean you need to try something super outlandish that you know you and your family won’t enjoy, but make a new treat where you can also incorporate new products and ingredients that you’ve been meaning to try.

A good baker will know how to make the basics of most bakery items. Those basic recipes consist of a solid cake recipe, cookie recipe, some sort of bread, and even a solid, basic recipe for icing or frosting. Many bakery items require some sort of frosting or icing to be spread on top of it to make it complete.

The great thing about baking is that those basic recipes can almost be the hardest to perfect. Since something like plain white icing seems so plain, it can be challenging to find the right recipe to build other things on top of. That is why it’s always important to start from square one when baking something new.

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If you’ve never tried making white icing, then this is a great place to start. A standard white icing usually contains these four ingredients: sugar, water, vanilla extract, and shortening. Of course, you can add any mix-ins, additional flavorings, or even food coloring to give this icing life, but there always needs to be the base of a white icing to get started.

When it comes to plain recipes like this one, the ingredients ultimately matter. You need a good quality powdered sugar, a high-quality vanilla extract, and shortening that even the professional bakers use. It makes all the difference in the end.

Usually, most bakers will have high-quality ingredients like vanilla extract, but a premium shortening can be hard to come by. If you’re having trouble finding the right shortening for your icing recipes, then try out the Sweetex icing shortening.

Sweetex icing shortening is zero grams trans fat, soybean-based shortening made solely for hi-ratio cake and icing recipes. High ratio shortening is designed and developed to need no moisture at all. By using this type of shortening in white icing or any icing for that matter, it will create the fluffiest and best-tasting icing you’ve ever made.

This shortening can be hard to find at your local grocery store, so venture online to the best bakery ingredient distributor on the market. Stover & Company supplies bakeries and at-home bakers with all the necessary baking ingredients and tools necessary to create and sell beautiful pastries and baked goods. Check out their website at

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