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How to Solve the Most Common Feeding Challenges: A Guide for Parents

Jade Encore

You knew parenting would be difficult. But, what to do with a kid who refuses to eat anything? ‘Ordeal’ and ‘meal’ sounds alike but they are not the same. The top-notch nutrition experts tackled a few common feeding challenges that the modern-day individuals have put forward recently. Continue reading to get viable solutions along with the best ‘food for thought’.

My two-year-old daughter used to love vegetables, fruits, and meat. Now however, she only wants to have starchy foods such as potatoes and toast, macaroni and cheese, etc. Should I be worried?

It is natural for toddlers to develop aversion to a couple specific food groups. They will outgrow this habit. In the meantime, try the following tricks:

  • Give her the food she likes.
  • Make most out of the snack time to diversify her diet. Use the best fruit and vegetable cutter to chop bananas, strawberries, avocados, carrots, bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, etc.
  • Enhance her starch-heavy menu with more nourishing alternatives. Serve sweet potatoes instead of normal ones.

My one-year-old son loves baby food. But he chews and spits out solids like cut up fruits and pasta.  It seems like none of those get into his stomach. Should I be worried?

Chewing and spitting out is not a strange habit. But it is annoying and also messy. Babies do it while adjusting to an unfamiliar cuisine. Studies show that it takes at least ten introductions to a new food before a baby eats it.

Continue providing a wide range of nutritious foods and concentrate on what your son likes. If he prefers foods with softer consistency, let him have oatmeal with mashed bananas. But keep serving solids and give him the opportunity to adapt.

My three-year-old daughter will not touch meat products except hotdogs and chicken. This drives me crazy. I tried sneaking meat into her meals like little chunks of ham into spaghetti sauce but she is never fooled.

Toddlers can be picky about so many things. Food turns to be a battleground as most parents have preconceived idea about what their kids should eat.

Take a step back as long your daughter is growing and developing normally. She is getting the proteins from hotdogs and chicken, right? However, you do need to go easy on the former. Provide substitutes that have less nitrates and fats like soy dogs or turkey dogs.

To increase the amount of proteins, let your daughter have different kinds of beans and peanut butter. Don’t make a fuss or she will dig in the heels. Also, while it is fine to opt for stealth-feeding techniques like putting ham into spaghetti sauce, such an approach can backfire. You may end up with an egg on your face and sauce on your kitchen wall.

Parents need to stop committing certain feeding mistakes. For instance, do not use cookies or cakes as a reward for eating broccolis. Your toddler would then learn that desserts are better than vegetables and that’s all he/she would want. Never leave the television on. The kids must focus on their food.  In other words, they must know and enjoy whatever they are having for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

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