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Different Modelling Tools For Cake Decoration And Their Uses

Vaibhav Agrawal
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From the pandemic era in the world, we have seen a number of emerging cake bakers from almost every household. Baking cakes are a great source of fun, entertainment, and mental relaxation. So, if you think the craze for cake baking will end and it will last until you are caught at home for the lockdown, it is not possible. It has been seen that once anyone develops the skill for cake baking, the person gets crazy to adopt different techniques to ensure perfection in their work. If you also possess the same interest, then Modelling tools for cake decoration can help you fulfill your expectations. Let’s know about different modelling tools and how they can be used to develop your interests!

Creating frills using modelling tools

The craze for fish designs is a lot throughout the world. Hence, every cake baker wants to decorate the cakes with frills and mermaid designs. If you want to do the same on your cakes, you can try these basic tools to make frills.

Tools used: Bulbous cone tool

The bulbous cone tool is a great tool to make frills on cakes. You can have these cones in frills shape as well. These cones are easy to use. You can use flower pads and a bulbous cone of ½ on and off and roll across the edges of the cake with firm pressure. Lastly, you can attach the sides with water. Any beginner can use it in cake baking without any knowledge of decoration. All you need to have is an idea about the looks for the frills, and your job will be done with these bulbous cone tools.

Creating dots, flowers, and stars using modelling tools

Imagine you have baked a cake with blunt color without any shape or structure on it. Will this attract the attention of your customers? Even if you are baking for your family members, presentation is the primary thing that will make them appreciate your work. And, if you are running a bakery, then it is inevitable for you to make attractive designs on the top of the cakes. Then you can opt for flowers, dots and starts to decorate your cake. These designs are easy to make and attractive to look at.

Tools used:5-6 star tool, Serrated and taper cone tool, Bone tool

These Modelling tools for cake decoration can be used to make these easy and simple designs on the cakes. You can apply amazing embossing patterns on your cakes with the serrated, star, and tapper cones available. You need to push the cones in different depths to develop assortments of different patterns. You can also use the star tools to create a quilted impact like cushions at the bottom of the cakes.

Creating frilled flowers using modelling tools

The frilled flowers on the cake tops are a demanding decoration that the people love a lot. If you think it is hard to make, then not anymore. There are some easy tools available in the market that you can use to make the frilled flower designs to make your cakes look beautiful and adorable. The design can be used on any cake, irrespective of the occasion.

Tools used: Flower-Leaf Dresden tool, Stitch/cutting wheel tool, Ball tool, Bone tool

Using Dresden’s spine tools, you can make wavy lines on the cake toppings and stitch the wheel to mark more patterns and lines on the cakes. Some bakers also use Gum paste cake toppers and flowers to make this flowery design on their cakes.

Creating groove, embossed and fringed effects

The embossed, groove, and fringed effects on the cake tops are quite popular designs. However, people apply different tricks and techniques to make these designs, and some fail to create the exact effect they wish for. Also, it takes a lot of time to create these effects manually without any simplified tool. That is why having appropriate Modelling tools for cake decoration will help you save your time, and also, you can decorate many cakes in the time of one.

Tools used: Shell and blade tool

When you use the shell end tool for decorating your cakes, you can create wonderful embossing patterns on the cakes. You can use the shell ends in both pressed-in or pulled-along techniques to add shapes and details to your cake decoration. Many other tools are available in the market that make it convenient and easy for you to decorate your cakes in different ways and make a fantastic presentation for your customers. As a number of cake shops are available every nook and corner, the uniqueness in the designs, presentation, and quality of your cakes will attract more customers, and you can become successful in your interest. Try the best Modelling tools for cake decoration now!

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