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Delicious Ways To Eat Beef Jerky

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You know what’s better than beef jerky? Hand-crafted, high quality dried meat made with happy cows who live on farms. One of our favorite ways to enjoy this tasty treat is in recipes that you probably never imagined! From jerk chicken soup (no joke) and lasagna sheets covered in hot sauce – we’re not kidding when we say there are dozens more delectable dishes out there for your culinary exploration. And now even chefs around the world will be able to use one ingredient: Jerky!!!

Get creative today by giving these tried + true snacks new life as ingredients rather than just garnishes or sidebar decorations.

Your favorite snack of jerky is now an easy-to-use tool for you! Here are five ways to put that deliciousness (and guilt) right where it needs to be:

Mix With Salad

Think of the most appetizing bacon bits you’ve ever tasted. Now imagine them enhanced with a sprinkle of pepper, salty spice and fresh herbs to give way for an even greater flavor experience that will go well beyond its simple ingredients-grade simplicity in every bite!

The elevated biltong is made up pure dried grass fed steak seasoned by vinegar salt pepper coriander which can be enjoyed on any type of veggie or meat dish. Choose one just like it sounds at this summer’s farmers market today then get your hands dirty making these delicious treats bring back memories?

Mix Into Cornbread

Cornbread studded with bites of beef jerky and bourbon-glazed brisket is your new go-to side for roast chicken or pork. Mix in some spicy jalapeño slivers to give it that extra kick! Honey Bourbon Brisket Jerky makes the perfect pairing – it’s tender, sweet and spicy all at once! Throw some jalapeños into that batter too to give everything an extra kick.

Simmer Into Tomato Sauce

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This full of flavor dish will have your mouth watering. Start with a simple-as-it gets recipe that features olive oil and tomatoes (canned or fresh are both acceptable). Next add garlic for enhanced complexity followed by a few grinds each black peppercorns along with diced Real Steak Jerky made from hand cut flank steak. Let it gently bubble while perfume fills up the whole house before spooning over pasta or serving alongside meatballs & polenta.

Turkey Jerky Jeans

Cracked Pepper Turkey Jerky is the perfect, thrifty meal. Simmer onions, green peppers and garlic in olive oil before adding your favorite beans (we vote pinto!) along with some chicken or veggie stock for rich flavor that will make you feel satisfied without weighing yourself down! Top off this easy dinner recipe by sprinkling cumin over everything just before serving it up on cornbread so everyone can enjoy their tasty filling too- including themselves if desired

A big bowlful of nourishing blackbeans served alongside crispy fried turkey strips seasoned heavily within–is about as good an example one could give when considering what really matters most is food quality.

Roasted Brussel SproutsMove over bacon. Put some sprouts to the baking sheet, mix with olive oil and season them up with salt and pepper before popping into a hot oven that’s preheated at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes. Give those little guys an occasional stir halfway through cooking time so they don’t burn on top; then toss in some crumbled Filet Mignon Beef Jerky when you think it’s golden brown enough—and hey! That also makes for great garnish if your Bloody Mary glass isn’t already crowded enough

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