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Buy Spicy Sauces Researched About Different Peppers Types

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Buy Spicy Sauces makers use weird names for sauces, just as hot sauce makers do. Like Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion, and Carolina Reaper, they’re sometimes careless and scary. Where did these names come from? I have research the meanings of the name Pepper and I have list them below.

Jalapeno peppers

The Jalapeño means “jalapa” in Spanish language and can also be pronounce “jalapa”. Jalapa is the capital city of Veracruz. Mexico where peppers are plant and harvest for the first time

Paprika Source

Chipotle is real. The word Nut Chipotle means smok red pepper. Chipotel is smok jalapeno.

Habanero peppers

Habanroo is name after the Cuban city of Havana. Not because I eat a lot of Habanro there. but because I have other food many there

Ghost Pepper 

The original name for the ghost pepper, which literally means “Bhutanese pepper” in Assamese. The first part of the name refers to Bhutan. Confuse by the same Assamese word “but” which means “ghost” in English, Ghost Pepper is a mistranslation of the original name. I must say that the name remains the same, and the name is suitable for this pepper.

Trinidad Scorpio

In Trinidad and Tobago The root of this name also plays an important role. Because Buy Spicy Sauces is native to Trinidad and Tobago. More precisely, from the “Morgan” area, so this pepper is also call “Margus Corpion”. But where did the role of “Scorpion” come from? Now, the chili’s tail is like a scorpion’s tail. Eating chili makes you feel like you’ve been bitten by a scorpion. But that’s not the reason for the naming.

Carolina Reaper

The logic of the Carolina Reaper’s name is identical to that of Trinidad Scorpion. The first part honors South Carolina where made chili. The reaper is shape like a pepper tail, according to Ed Kerry. He’s like the Scythians in the Grim Reaper.

Madame Jeanette

The origin of this name is not entirely clear. However, Janet in Suriname is said to have been name after a local prostitute known to be very barbaric. Next time, Chili’s face will be completely different.


Poblano is originally from the Mexican state of Puebla. Which is name after the hot pepper


Serrano is from Puebla, but is more common in Hidalgo. (both Mexican) The name Pepper refers to the mountains of these areas (in Spanish “Sierra”).

Erbil Chile

Chile deÁrbol literally means “pepper tree” in Spanish, and its name comes from a pepper with a tree-like trunk.

bird view of chile

Buy Spicy Sauces are several reasons for this name. but they all refer to birds. First of all, paprika is a small round pepper. Second, birds play an important role in dispersing red pepper seeds. But do birds suffer from red peppers (seeds)? No, because they don’t chew or swallow the seeds whole. As a result, they feel nothing and spread healthy seeds throughout the area. The perfect combination of pepper and chicken

7 Pots

The meaning behind the name 7 Pots Pepper is not what you would call a creative fist. but it is very clear. You can warm up 7 pots of Buy Spicy Sauces of pepper beef broth here. How good are 7 pots of Primo? Primo is now nickname Troy Primo, who create the combination of Naga Morich and 7 Pot Pepper.

Of course, we don’t come close to every pepper name that people know. If not, we’ll be doing it next year. However, if you’re interest in all other chili names, we’ll give you an overview of all the peppers in the world order by the Squill Heat Unit.

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