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What Are the Different Types of Free Weights That Exist Today?

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Did you know that less than a quarter of all Americans meet the recommended amount of aerobic and muscular-strengthening activity for a healthy lifestyle?

If you want to start getting serious about health and wellness, you’ll need to know what kind of equipment you can use to meet your goals.

For strength training, you should familiarize yourself with free weights. With that in mind, keep reading to learn all about the different types of free weights that exist today.

1. The Barbell

When it comes to the best free weights, the barbell is great for a variety of exercises, including lunges, deadlifts, bench press, overhead lift, and more.

The barbell can target your core and more, depending on the exercises you choose to incorporate. The bar itself tends to weigh around 45 pounds, so keep that in mind as you add weight to each side. In some cases, you can get a great workout by using the bar alone.

If you want to add the barbell to your at-home setup, then check out used gym weights.

2. The Kettlebell

If you’re trying to incorporate weight training into your home workout, look no further than the kettlebell. You can get a range of kettlebell weights that can be perfect for aerobic exercises and straight-up strength training.

There are a ton of online videos that demonstrate the ways you can use a kettlebell. From targeting your glutes to your trapezius muscles, you’ll be surprised how much of a full-body workout a single kettlebell can give you.

3. The Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are almost like kettlebells but without the handle. Their exterior is like a really hard basketball and so they can be caught and thrown more easily than a kettlebell, which should never be thrown.

If you want an active lifestyle, you can use a medicine ball for twists, slams, squat throws, and so much more.

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4. The Dumbbell

Don’t be fooled by its name. The dumbbell is one of the smartest ways to reach optimal health.

Whether you employ a single dumbbell or take up two at once, you can use it to pump up your biceps with curls, work out your pectoral muscles with chest flies, and even hold it to your torso for some added resistance as you squat.

Be sure to pick the right weight. Too low and you won’t get enough of a workout but too high and you can end up hurting yourself.

Are You Ready to Use All Types of Free Weights?

Now that you’ve learned all about the different types of free weights that exist today, you can up your workout game and see the results you want. Be sure to bring a buddy to your sessions so you can motivate each other.

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