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Ultimate Guide on How to Do Barbell Rows

Peter Dong

The barbell row gives full-body strength if you do the exercise correctly. When lifting the weights, it includes a range of muscles and upper and lower arm, hips, and shoulders. This exercise is an excellent one to work on your biceps and back and get more resistance using a barbell plate and including it in your daily workout routine.

What are the Steps to Do Barbell Rows?

Boost your upper body workout by including this barbell exercise and doing it in the right reps to get suitable results. You need to start by hinging your back forward with bent legs at the knees. Now, you can push hips and then grasp the barbell with full strength on the shoulders.

  1. Start to pull barbel close to chest slightly, bending your elbows and squeeze shoulder blades when performing the exercise for better coverage
  2. Lower and straighten your arms and come to the starting point. At this time, the neck and lower back should form a straight line and try to repeat it 8 to 12 times
  3. The exercise is an efficient compound exercise that works the best to level up deadlifts, squats, bench presses and other full-body muscle exercises.

How to Create the Proper Form for Barbell Row?

Try to work on creating the proper form of the exercise by maintaining a natural position. Do not take the risk of squeezing the disc of your back. Try to avoid back pain, and so, do the exercise in the right form. Make sure to rest the bar on the ground during breaks in the barbell row.

Moreover, when lowering the bar on the ground, try to maintain the correct posture without hurrying down. A little carelessness can cause injury or pain. The muscles whose positioning matters in doing the exercise correct are:

  • Feet position
  • Lower back
  • Have proper grip
  • Maintain correct width of the grip
  • Be careful with wrist position
  • Proper elbow position
  • Maintain torso position
  • Correct chest positions
  • The shoulder should be in front of the barbell
  • Do not lock your knees, and it should be pointed forward
  • Hip and head position matters to maintain a straight line with lower back
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What is the Correct Breathing Technique for the Exercise?

You should breathe at the starting position and grasp the bar engaging your core. It can help to fix your posture and try to maintain the spine in a horizontal line. Slowly breathe out when breathing out the bar to the starting position. To do the exercise rightly, it is better to seek assistance from a persona trainer. Try to go for an expert one in the field.

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