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Swimming: the best sport to transform your body and mind

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Have you ever wondered how your health and well-being would improve if you started swimming with lifeguard training? We tell you about the remarkable positive effects of this sport on the body and mind.

There are few who consider swimming as “the most complete sport”. The rationale is clear: it demands efforts from almost all muscle groups, as well as good cardiovascular endurance. It is also an exercise that requires balance, coordination, strength, speed … Can it be argued that it is the best sport to transform your body and mind?

Mireia Belmonte, the first Spanish swimmer to achieve Olympic gold, knows a lot about the transformations that swimming causes in the body. Hand in hand with the practice of this discipline, not only was he able to overcome —at least in part— scoliosis, but he even overcame his asthmatic condition. Does it seem little to you? She is also allergic to chlorine, paradoxical as it may seem.

All this evidence confirms that we are before the right person to tell us why swimming is the best sport to transform your body and mind. Do you join in listening to it?

How the body improves when swimming

The advantages of swimming for the integral well-being of the organism are more than proven. Next, we will do a brief review on the physical benefits that we can obtain from practicing it regularly:

Strong and resistant muscles

There is practically no muscle that goes unworked when we swim. It is such a complete exercise that it demands actions from the upper body, lower body, and core, although many underestimate the importance of the latter.

As for the arms and legs, their importance for swimming is evident for lifeguard training. The cyclical movements of swimming test the athlete’s endurance; In addition, to be fast, it is necessary to have strength, power, and good technique. The result: strong, flexible, and resistant muscles, less prone to injury and pain.

Also, the aesthetic side cannot be ignored. Your figure will be greatly benefited if you practice swimming; This is a phenomenal activity to burn fat and calories quickly.

Better cardiovascular health

Both at the amateur level and in competition, swimming is a sport that allows the body to enhance its aerobic capacity of the body, in this way, thanks to continuous efforts, the heart becomes more efficient in pumping blood and the arteries become less rigid, as reported by various scientific publications.

The respiratory system is another great beneficiary. Lung capacity increases exponentially after swimming for a while; We even learn to do it in a more efficient way and the blood reaches all the organs of the body faster and is better oxygenated.


It is such a noble sport that many professionals use it to rehabilitate patients after physical injuries or illnesses with lifeguard training. For example, water pressure is ideal for recovering from knee or back injuries; It is also useful for respiratory conditions such as asthma, or bone, such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

How does swimming transform our minds?

Perhaps one of the great benefits of swimming is that it is suitable for individuals of all ages. By being able to regulate the demand and intensity, everyone can take advantage of its great positive consequences for the mind.

Promotes concentration and coordination

Especially in the competitive field, the perfect technique and the execution of each movement at the precise moment demands to be focused on lifeguard training. In addition, being coordinated and fluid with each skill not only allows us to move faster but also reduces fatigue and enhances performance.


The passage from the terrestrial to the aquatic environment provides certain tranquility, given the buoyancy and pressure exerted by the water. When a person enters a swimming pool or the sea, his head automatically changes its “chip”; For many, it is the best way to leave problems behind and focus solely on the body itself.

Trains for a ready and agile mind

Putting ourselves in situations of maximum effort, and even pressure, if we are in a competition, raises our performance threshold. With this sport, the brain remains active, avid, diagramming strategies and generating positive thoughts to go in search of results.

There is no doubt that all this can be extrapolated to other areas of life. Why not compare a life goal to a swimming race, which forces us to stay awake, focused, and doing our best?

Tips for practicing swimming

Beyond all that has been said, if we truly want to enjoy the benefits of this sport, we must adopt certain positive habits. Here we list a few:

  1. Warm-up well.
  2. Stretch after each session.
  3. Get a good technique.
  4. Eat a healthy diet free of harmful habits, such as tobacco and alcohol.
    Rest well to recover the body.

With all this, we will have everything we need to take advantage of the best sport to transform the body and mind. If you’ve never tried to swim regularly, don’t miss out on doing it. Mireia Belmonte will be in charge of ratifying all these data in her swimming course.

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