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Rowing Machines – What to Buy: Water, Air or Magnetic?

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The rowing machine provides one of the best overall cardiovascular exercises. And the great thing is that this is one piece of fitness equipment that can easily fit into your home gym. It takes up little space and can be found at several different price points.

When looking to buy this type of equipment, you should first decide if you prefer an air, water, or magnetic rowing machine.

An air rowing machine, as you might think, uses air for resistance. They provide a very smooth operation and are usually the preferred type of paddle boarding sunny health and fitness rower. Air resistance acts through a fan wheel. This allows the exerciser to control the resistance, depending on how light or difficult the exercise they want. These rowing machines are usually the most economical, starting at around $150, and these machines usually record the amount of calories burned, distance traveled, speed and number of rows completed. It can also be moved, as it is on wheels and can be folded to a small size and kept under the bed or in a closet.

Next, the water rowing machine is equipped with a water fly wheel which repeats the rowing motion. The flywheel rests in a closed water tank, so it provides a quiet ride. The resistance is very similar to that of paddling in the water, and the process is very smooth. They tend to run at a higher price point than air rowers, starting at around $600 and going up to more than $1,700. These are seen as the best of this type of machine, as they provide such a true sense of movement.

Finally, the magnetic rowing machine is also a very popular model because it is the quietest type on the market. They have a silent stroke and very smooth resistance. These models will run you from $300 to about $1,000. The faster you go on one of these things, the more resistance you give to the movement.

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Keep in mind that proper maintenance and upkeep should be done on the rower, as repairs can be costly. Spending more today on quality can save you money in the long run.

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