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Kids’ Parents Sleep Habits, Better Tips, and Tricks (1)

Ella James


Kids are very excited about the start of DST. They’re curious about when the clocks will move ahead to spring, and they look forward to getting out of the house before their parents have to head back to work. But, as exciting as that may be, it’s a bad idea to assume that your children are ready to go on spring break yet. Here are 5 Ways to prepare your kids for daylight saving time.

Baby Sleeping Habits:

Don’t let your kids go to sleep with a flashlight by their bed. This is a terrible idea for several reasons. First of all, not only can a flashlight create a dangerous situation in which you might trip and fall, but also it will keep your kids awake at night. Also, a flashlight may wake up your kids if they’re sound asleep, and even though they may not be awake to read, they may hear something. And do we not want our kids waking us up! So, instead of giving them a flashlight, try a red-dot flashlight that will turn red when your child moves and blinks in the dark.

Go to Bed Early:

Get your children used to going to bed earlier. If your children are used to going to bed about an hour earlier each night, try giving them a weekend break at school, or if possible, taking them to school a few hours early on school days when there’s no school rush. Or, if your children are used to going to bed about an hour after lunch, take them home after lunch. This will help them get accustomed to going to bed early.

On Bed Activities:

Tell your children how long they’ll be sleeping in bed. Let them know the time of day, and then remind them to wear light clothing before they go to sleep. The darker their clothes are, the more time they’ll need to sleep without being uncomfortable. Also, keep your pets out of the bedroom. While you might love your pets, you don’t want them staying in your room overnight.

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Some Other Tips:

Take the time to discuss what your options are with respect to going to bed earlier. Some kids are OK with getting up an hour earlier each day. Other kids aren’t so happy. Discuss this with your kids, and if they have any questions, find out what they want to know.

Another thing that you might want to discuss with your kids is about changing the clocks in their room. A lot of people believe that moving the clocks forward isn’t such a bad idea, and it can save time and energy. However, there are some folks who argue that it is actually good to change the clocks backward, to start off with.

Saving Time:

If you need to go back to daylight saving time, make sure that you explain to your kids exactly why this is beneficial to them. Explain the various benefits to them, and show them where they will see these benefits. This way, they will be excited about it, and they won’t be upset about it at all.

Last Words:

Finally, make sure that you explain to your kids how to use the computer with respect to this new time change. There are many Internet sites that can help your kids learn how to use the computers properly, and they can use this information when it comes to using the computer during the daylight saving time period. As you can see, there are plenty of different ways to prepare your kids for daylight saving time. As long as you discuss these things with your kids, and show them how important it is for them to conserve energy during the summer, they won’t have any problem at all following your instructions.

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