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How Yoga Practice Improves Muscle Fascia?

Jatinder Singh

The human body is a complex and mysterious entity. One of these complex, however, important elements is muscle fascia. The muscle fascia consists of a wide network of collagen that covers your entire body. Further, this fascia connects one body part with the other and keeps them in their rightful places.

That is why bending forward might be also a good stretch for your shoulders or lower back along with hamstrings. Before learning about different elements of muscle fascia or how practicing yoga helps in its growth, let’s first under its importance. Keep reading.

Importance of Muscle Fascia

Your body has different cells which should stay in their respective place. That is where fascia comes into play.

It covers and overlaps every inch of the body to hold every cell in a perfect position. Fascia even covers and fills up the space between the cells. Hence, everything is packed and rock solid.

However, everything is flexible and moving at the same time. So, fascia allows muscle, joints, or cells to move when you do any movement along with resting when you are idle.

So, muscle fascia works as a whole rather than letting your body fall apart as a singular entity. Therefore, you should learn about it from experienced yoga teachers. For that matter, you should join a YTT course.

Different Elements of Muscle Fascia

Any form of exercise ensures fascia stays healthy, especially yoga practice. The art of yoga affects the presence of the following elements in the fascia that makes it healthier over time.


Fascia is made mostly of water. Doing any exercise or a stretch squeezes the fascia muscles. This pushes the water out of the fascia.

The moment you release the pose, the fascia re-hydrates with a boost. According to recent research, fascia muscle absorbs more water when it is relaxed. Hence, it improves its growth and overall health.

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It is a spongy substance that soaks up water pretty fast. With more water, it changes into a gel that lubricates your joints.

Thus, your joints move easily rather than grinding with each other which could be a sign of arthritis. Therefore, it is one of the most important elements of muscle fascia that ensures you move without any pain while practicing yoga.


These roll or fold up in the absence of water or moisture. Moreover, inactivity also ensures they remain folded. However, this is not healthy for your body or muscle fascia.

When you move, water moves within your fascia. It reaches Glycosaminoglycans and they unfurl. Thus, it increases the health of muscle fascia.


Collagen is a white sticky substance that you see in a lump of meat. While stretching, it joins different cells or molecules. However, with extended stretching, it breaks down.

When you let go of the pose, it connects with the broken part. Thus, it grew longer which ensures your fascia grows stronger and more flexible.

How Muscle Fascia Grows With Yoga


Fascia has an elasticity that ensures your muscle fibers or tendons restore their natural position. However, they need to be tight for the perfect functioning of the body. Practicing intense yogic asanas improve the elasticity of the fascia.


In plasticity, the elasticity of fascia permanently extends with over-extension or stretching of muscles. However, you should be aware that you do not push too far too soon. For instance, splitting your legs might hurt at first. However, over weeks, your muscles get used to it and encourage you to move wide apart.


It consists tear and repair mechanism in which muscle fascia repairs itself after you load it with intense yoga practice. Fascia repair to cover the damage and protect the elements underneath. Moreover, it creates repairing tissues that might take longer depending on different factors like age, health, or diet.

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Muscle fascia is surely an important element in the human body. Therefore, you must practice different exercises that work towards enhancing the fascia’s health.

Moreover, when you think about practicing yoga under a teacher, make sure he or she is an RYT. That means the yoga teacher should be registered with the Yoga Alliance Certification. This ensures you are training under the guidance of experienced and certified yoga teachers. Over time, you are going to have a perfect fascia development.

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