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Different Yoga Forms & How to Choose Them

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The variety of yoga is abundant. It is one of the reasons why numerous yoga practitioners find it hard to choose the right yoga form. Choosing the wrong yoga forms could take you away from your desired goal. So, you should think wisely and choose the right one from various yoga forms at your disposal.

With that said, here are some tips that you can implement to choose the yoga form that is best for you. Let’s move further to understand how to choose the right form of yoga. Read on.

Tips to Choose From Best Yoga Forms

Vinyasa Flow

It is one of the most popular yoga forms. Vinyasa flow is a combination of intense movements in alignment with the breath. Moreover, the practitioner moves from one asana to the other without any break.

The question arises of who should choose this type of yoga style. Well, anyone looking forward to losing fat and increase their muscle endurance should go with this yoga style.

Moreover, practicing Vinyasa flow helps you with the placement of your limbs while moving under the yoga teacher’s instructions. Thus, choose this style in a yoga teacher training course if you want to lose weight.


A bit similar to Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga yoga has precise physical movements and breathing exercises. However, its focus is not just on how well you perform in the class. Rather, Ashtanga yoga focuses on your life in general.

So, people who are willing to make a change in their life should practice this. It is one of the yoga forms that offer you a makeover. Thus, you become a master at yoga as well as at life.


Not everyone likes to practice in a monotonous, peaceful, or quiet surrounding. Some like to add music or even mantra chanting to it. For them, Jivamukti yoga is perfect.

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The art of Jivamukti yoga combines various yoga asanas with mantra chanting or music. Thus, you move your body with the beats going on in the background.

Furthermore, practicing Jivamukti yoga helps you break the routine of conventional yoga practice. Hence, you become one with the music played in the backdrop.


Beginners find it hard to practice an advanced yoga form. That is why Hatha yoga is a personal favorite of most yoga practitioners. It is a slow and steady yoga practice that ensures you properly practice each yoga pose.

Therefore, practitioners who want a slow and beginner-level approach can go with this yoga form. It is one of the most practiced yoga forms.

The best thing about Hatha yoga is that it forms a strong base for various other types of yoga forms. So, when you become a master of this yoga style, you can easily progress to other yoga types. Most of the yoga teacher training courses offer Hatha yoga by default to new yoga practitioners.


Another precise yoga style is Iyengar yoga. However, unlike Ashtanga yoga, Iyengar yoga has slower movements. Moreover, the time to hold a yoga pose is longer in comparison to other yoga forms.

You use plenty of yoga props like blocks, blankets, bolsters, straps, and much more. People who want a proper alignment of their muscles can practice this yoga type.

The main aim is to have a deep impact on your minor as well as major muscle groups. Moreover, Iyengar yoga works on your joints as well.


Not everyone focuses on physical movements only. Some even aspire to move beyond the physical plane. For them, it is important to harness energy inside their mind and body.

That is where the art of Kundalini yoga comes into existence. People aspiring to be yogi and want to reach the deepest parts of their consciousness should practice this yoga.

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However, it is one of the most difficult yoga forms that you can practice. Therefore, it is advised to first have a certified yoga teacher by your side to counter the difficulties in your path.


Yoga teacher training courses are one of the best ways to practice a particular type of yoga style. However, for better yoga practice, make sure you join a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. That is where you learn and practice genuine yoga under the guidance of yoga masters. Make sure you first learn and then spend life reaching the highest level at your practice.

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