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Why Moonstone Attracts The Gem Traders?

Hadleigh Perez

The insanity of moonstone is non-comparable to other stones due to its spiritual and physical characteristics. And that is what intensifies the interests of bohemians, professional wearers, and hippies.

Moonstone amplifies the sense of growth within it. When worn in the form of moonstone jewelry, it enlightens the soul of wearers with its clarity, cut, and color. This stone’s milky appearance and radiance are available in ample hues, stimulating fortune and facilitating light to the individual’s life.

Physical Depth of Moonstone Jewelry

The moonstone indeed has spiritual benefits, but first, you need to get an idea of this stone’s technicalities and physical features. The refractive index of the moonstone ring is a talked-about point in justifying the quality of this gem. Precisely, it lies in 1.520- 1.525 in terms of the index.

The adularescence causes the glow of moonstone when the light scatters within microscopic layers. And these feldspar layers responsible for creating the moonstone’s sheen are equal to the size of light wavelength.

Adding more, the specific gravity of moonstone ranges 2.58. And is desirable in terms of the hardness, which ranges 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, thus making it a preferable gem for occasional or daily wear. And when it comes to source ethically, then rananjay exports produces fine quality stones from countries like Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, and Australia to give you authenticity in every peice.

Buying Aspects of Moonstone Jewelry

Color – The color of this stone plays an important role in describing the genuineness of the real moonstone jewelry. And ranges from transparent to semi-transparent. Well, the inclusion might not be widely seen in this stone and is picked on the ground of adularescence. The fine quality of this stone is seen in the glassy outlook with a variety of hues. This suggests white, pink, yellow, rainbow, gray, orange, black, and green. The blue sheen is the top-notch category, but the light play or adularescence is also seen in the silver and white shades.

Clarity- The minimum inclusion in moonstone jewelry defines clarity. As the value of its quality and price structure is mainly dependent on the adularescence and inclusions.


Cut – When it comes to the cut selection, then cabochon holds the priority. No wonder it seems great in beads and other forms as well. Even the faceted looks alluring in the moonstone necklaces. The advantage of choosing the cabochon form is due to its phenomenal spectrum of hues and sheen. In addition, you may see the peculiar cut in the moonstone pendant, which is enough to enthuse gem lovers. A perfect stone to display the depth from cut, perhaps making it an ideal investment.

Carat – According to the requirements of an individual, the carat weight and size of moonstone vary. Therefore, even the price of moonstone jewelry depends on these factors, which differ from astrological suggestions too.

A Delight for Faishon Souls

The insanity of moonstone is non-comparable to other stones due to its spiritual and physical characteristics. And that is what intensifies the interests of bohemians, professional wearers, and hippies. Every faishonistic soul is upgrading their stock with a moonstone collection, precisely due to the glimmer, shade, and versatility. Its presence is enough to make a difference to achieve your favourable look. If you’re thinking about the material combination, then sterling silver and rose gold vermeil can magnify the underlying attributes. This magnificent stone suits the western and classical attires, with every color shade.

Where to Buy Moonstone?

Moonstone is high in demand due to its catchy appearance and shimmery play. And rananjay exports provides you the best quality moonstone to enhance your Wholesale gemstone jewelry collection.

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