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What are the different types of area rugs?

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There are different types of area rugs that you can easily find in the market. With so many options available in the market it is a little difficult for you to decide which of the options is right for you and which of them would make the right decision for you. 

Each rug type depends upon its design, size, style and color. You can find pure silk rugs that are exceptionally expensive, or you can find rugs that are affordable and can last you a long time. There are fur rugs that will look exotic and very beautiful. The best thing about these rugs is that you can find them in any type, color or shape you desire. 

If you are in the market for a new rug, here are different types of rugs that you can find online and purchase them quite easily too. Keep these in your mind and then decide which of these rug types you prefer. 

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are the most basic and traditional rugs that you will find in the market. These are natural fiber rugs that are hand woven and hand tufted, which means they can be very expensive. These hand loomed and hand knotted rugs can also be made from a machine and these are becoming very popular these days. However, be aware that there are rugs that are made from synthetic fibers which are cheaper but they do have excellent quality. They are just much less expensive than your regular wool rugs. 

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are one of the most expensive and much coveted rugs in the market. These are luxurious and very modern to look at, something that celebrities try to find in their home rugs quite often. If you do have the budget for a silk rug, make sure you are ready to keep them maintained for the long haul. These are incredibly delicate and cleaning them can be a bit hard. These are mostly decorative and not meant to be used in a house with kids. 

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Cotton Rugs

If you are more into simple, colorful and budget friendly rugs, then you will love cotton rugs. Cotton rugs are made from cotton that is durable and will last for a long time if you take care of it. Even though the color of the cotton rugs does run out with time, they do serve the purpose for the time being. If you get stains on them, they will not come out easily. You should definitely not expect your cotton rugs to last a lifetime for you, but they are good to use if you are looking for an area rug to put it somewhere casual or common areas. These are best for the people who like to change their house accessories quite often. 

These are the three most common rugs that you will find online and can delivered to your doorstep. You can also find them in stores. Such rugs are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and designs, so feel free to look at different varieties before making a decision. 

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