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Top 10 Perfect Outfits for Travel in 2021

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Following the setback caused by the pandemic last year, the world is gradually opening up. Travel and tourism have regained momentum, and now is the time for you to flaunt that “Would you mind paying attention to this Audrey Hepburn Style Statement I am rocking today?” airport look.

Well, of course, unlike in your wishes, no paparazzi would await you. But does that mean you won’t wrap yourself with layers, and the most comfortable pair of harem pants in your wardrobe? Of course, you would! We know that. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Perfect Outfit Ideas for Travel in 2021. 

So say hello to some spring grunge touch, leather Chelsea boots, and let’s get started!

  1. V-Neck Sweatshirt with Joggers

Whether you want to freeze yourself in the November of Berlin, or just pop-in-and-out your way through the Carlingwood Shopping Center in Ottawa, a brand-new, ultra-comfortable, fuzzy v neck sweatshirt is surely one of the best delights of travelling.

It’s a mix of varsity and leisure, and it’s so baggy and stylish that it works with just about everything. This fall, consider the pullovers as a replacement for your typical denim.

Pair that with studded, cropped elevated black joggers, string shoes, as well as a smart red silk satchel for a sophisticated airport outfit.

  1. Jumpsuits and Overcoats

If you come up to me claiming that everybody in the world loves jumpsuits for how convenient they are, I’ll impersonate Monica Geller for ten minutes straight, because “I know!” 

One piece. A jumpsuit. A cosy pair of chic boots. What more do you even need to accomplish the “street-smart” Milan look? 

It’s the best travel attire when paired with an overcoat to make a colour-popping splash, with a charmingly playful and energetic appeal.

P.S. When shopping for an overcoat, look for one with a back-venting design to ensure a perfect match. Fall’s somber skies are no match for this one-of-a-kind beauty!

  1. Harem Pants with Tank Tops/ Kimono

Harem pants are more than just patterned slacks, and they’re not just for nomads in Cambodia, or hipsters on the go.

Hippy trousers, bohemian pants, elephant trousers, and gypsy pants- all of its types are comfortable vacation outfits. Harem pants are fashionable and utilitarian, with some having pouches (for when you can’t find another place to store that important lip balm!)

These harem pants can also be worn with your favourite raglan or tank tops. Choose a Tomesode Kimono for a sloppier style and go break a leg, gal!

  1. Multi-Layered Jackets and Striped T-Shirt

The impact of a striped t-shirt should never be overlooked! Pair it with a frayed 

multi-season jacket and ankle boots for a gowned outfit that’s perfect for your 


Mix it with a toggle A-line skirt, and with lantern pendants as well as other accessories to make it seem simple yet elegant!

  1. Tunics with Black Tights and Leather Boots

This clothing comes to mind when we think of wandering around Europe’s medieval alleys. A dress with stockings and boots is the most comfortable, snug, and classy outfit you can wear.

Although, if you don’t generally wear dresses, a cashmere tunic with tights is a good alternative that is both fashionable and practical enough for a fine café night.

Combine it with ankle boots and brogues or flat wedges for a comfortable walk over lengthy distances.

  1. Cardigans with A-line T-Shirts

This is a terrific vacation clothing choice for warmer months or the milder spring and fall seasons, if you like dresses over jeans. This outfit may readily be dressed forwards or backwards, making it suitable for both day and nighttime.

Switch the vest top with a cardigan and add pantyhose in the colder seasons.

  1. Boots plus a One-Piece Mini Dress

Any outfit in black is the perfect combination of elegance with efficiency. Black seldom gets old, and it may be worn for longer periods without having to be washed.

Accessorize your black attire with a colourful hat, robe, mittens, or another accessory. If you wear the dress with beige, low knee-high boots, you’ll look less boho! 

A leather tassel pendant can also give some more depth to your look.

  1. Sandals with a Button-Down Top

‘Everyone in the globe is a fashion critique,’

That is unless you decide to make this attire your Emily-in-Paris access code! After jumpsuits, button-downs are by far the most versatile article of clothing, because they can be worn with slim-fit slacks, flannel, types of denim, 1970s-inspired chinos, long skirts, tights, anything -you name it!

Go oversized and customise with your favourite apparel for a stylish travellers’ look. Alternatively, wear it with a blazer. Keep it open and buckle it if you want to give it an haute couture upgrade!

When wearing flats, choose woollen pantyhose or faux fur to keep your feet & toes warm.

  1. Harem Pants with an Indie Crop-Top

Another of the popular harem pants style ideas for a stunning travel outfit is to couple the sides with a cute crop top.

However, if ‘comfy and happy go lucky’ is more to your vibe, then pair up the harem pants and bohemian-top combo with flats. 

Mixing your harem pants with a gorgeous crop top for a fashionable style emphasises your harem pants brazenly but comfortably. While you’re sporting this outfit, don’t forget to take a Starbucks selfie!

  1.  Denim Jacket with Harem Pants

There seem to be numerous harem pants patterns to pick from, but a popular combination is black harem pants and a denim jacket. The entire ensemble has a trendy biking-chic attitude that is both elegant and comfy.

If tight jeans aren’t your thing, wear your denim jacket with charcoal harem pants and ballet heels to complete the outfit JUST-LIKE-THAT.


Most of these outfits are not only fashionable but are also quite comfy. They look terrific for any journey and could be dressed casually as well. Personally, I would recommend harem pants if you no longer want to wear narrow leather jeans, and want to spice up your trip clothing since it is 2021, fellas. The styles are so fluid that it’s either now or never!

Napat Clothing

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