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The Waist Beads, Why Do Women Wear Them

Wizi Ree

The waist beads are an original African accessory and it has become popular around the world, women do love to wear the waist beads potpourri. In this, they mix up various beads to look more attractive and beautiful. It looks more absorbing and beautiful if you have a smart body shape. The waist beads potpourri consists of various beads, women do also add some beautiful stones in the string to make it more attractive and absorbing. Some women do also try to add a precious crystal to the string and they are arranged in such an order which always looks absorbing for the young women.

In this article, we are discussing, why women do like to wear the waist beads potpourri: 

Attraction and fertility: 

Women do like to wear the waist beads potpourri to enhance their attraction and sensuality. Women do wear it to show the fertility and attraction of femininity. Such beads also provide the women with pride and a sense of superiority, they are treated as young women from the higher level of society. This type of fashion has now spread across the world, young women do love to wear them to make them more sensual and attractive, it has turned to be fashion and turned to be a symbol of fertile women, some women do like to wear them in special lingerie to make them beautiful for their partner.

It’s a cultural symbol: 

The waist beads potpourri is a cultural heritage for African women, they wear it as pride to show the cultural manifestation more than beauty or anything, these women connect the waist beads as a symbol of their ancestors and they feel pride in wearing them such beautiful waist beads. Now women have been adopted as a fashion symbol in Western cultures, as it is not used as a cultural thing, Western women wear it as a special sort of jewelry around their waist. Most Western women are not even aware of the diaspora of the waist beads potpourri as an African spread, they think it is their own fashion thing and they are adopting it as a new invention in the fashion arena.

Way to choose the waist beads:  

You need to measure the area where you want to wear the waist beads potpourri, wrap the measuring tape, where you want to wear then measure the tape of the string with the measuring tape, then you need to make a waist bead a little larger than you waist, as the string would become a little tighter than you have estimated due to the size of the sones, so little loose style string can be better to sit the string as even as possible. The removable beads spring is adjustable, as it can be worn by other women, so they have an extended string in them, and you can adjust according to your waist, try to use the less colorful stones in the outer side of the string and the colorful stones in the middle of the waist beads potpourri. The stone string can be a piece of jewelry for sensual parties and it can make you more attractive than you can imagine

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