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Simple Vintage Accessories You Need to Try

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Vintage accessories are such amazing finds that perfectly blends with vintage as well as modern outfits. They can glam up any casual clothing.

If you are looking for a starting point, here are six retro accessories to style your next vintage-inspired look.

Vintage Hairpieces

Most of us prefer to leave our hair open. But instead of wearing jewellery, try a hair accessory next time. You can find plenty of vintage clips or pins in thrift stores or online vintage fashion stores like Banned Retro.

Vintage Hairpieces

For a wedding invitation or a brunch stick to the classic pearl hairpins. You can curl your hair or make a cute braid.

For an evening updo, going for a little bun or teased curl look with a glitzy hairpin will make you look like a movie star!

Retro Sunglasses

The biggest trend of 2021 is retro granny sunglasses. These vintage accessories can be found everywhere from social media to red carpets.

Retro Sunglasses

These sunglasses, inspired by the 70s and the 80s, have oversized frames with eclectic colours. Ruby red is a popular choice followed by shades of maroons and browns. Some even have animal prints or geometric patterns.

These granny glasses are very vibrant, colourful and look fantastic with vintage clothing.

Vintage Gloves

When we talk about gloves we think elegance, white and a royal outfit.

But gloves; apart from giving you queen vibes are a fun way to enhance an outfit. While most of us will opt for gloves only on special occasions; fashionistas are incorporating them in a lot of casual dresses as well!

For starters, try a simple lace glove with a beautiful strapless gown. You can choose black for a little more edge. Wear a few retro pieces of jewellery and you are ready to glam up the evening.


Just like vintage clothing, vintage jewellery has its own charm. A simple string of pearl necklace, a vintage stone and pearl earring, can completely change the ensemble.

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But for vintage jewellery, you need to find what works with what. Pearl and crystal earrings on silver look perfectly fine for a glam evening or a special date.

You can also go for layers for a statement look. Pearl rings and hoops are also on-trend.

Vintage Bags

Retro bags and baguettes are beautiful additions to any vintage style clothes. They range from fun and flirty to jewellery studded elegant ones.

Honestly, if you are into retro accessories, investing in different vintage bags are a smart option.

Vintage Bags

For a special night, try a pearl-encrusted clutch for that classic Hollywood effect. For a more relaxed look, choose a 70s satchel bag.

Make sure your bag complements your look. For instance, if you are wearing a lot of gold jewellery, find a bag that is close to gold and not silver.

Matching the colour of your retro bag with your jewellery will give you an authentic vintage vibe.

Vintage Padded Headbands

This is a bold fashion statement that was popular in the 80s but faded. Absolutely pretty and super feminine, padded headbands are another hair accessory that makes you look pretty even on bad hair days!

You can go for satin or velvet ones to pull off a true vintage look and pair them with pants, skirts or dresses. You can either wear them with loose hair or grab some at the back for a low ponytail. Some even wear them with low messy buns.

Honestly, vintage accessories are an investment as they are super versatile. A lot of us probably has pearls and bags lying around at the house or at our grandparents. Grab them to find out pieces that can accentuate your style.

Banned Retro

Banned Retro is one such women’s vintage clothing and vintage accessories brand which draws inspiration from the past, highlighting the iconic styles of the past, be it the enticing 1920s or the sizzling 1970s. Their retro collections are hand-designed like no other.

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