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Simple Tips To Extend The Life Of Semi-Cured Gel Nail Stickers

Lipsy Goyal

Semi-cured gel nail stickers are the ideal solution for women who don’t like running to the salon to get a cute manicure or are unable to do it themselves. It’s the easiest option that can give your nails an amazing new look. People often complain that nail stickers come off very soon. Now it doesn’t if you take care of the following points.  

Avoid Heat

Heat is the biggest enemy of nail stickers. High temperatures affect the material of the sticker making it weaker. A weaker nail sticker tears off very easily. So, avoid heat and water as much as possible. 

Never Miss Top Coat

Be it an expensive gel nail that you have applied or semi-cured gel nail stickers are your thing, never ever miss a top coat polish. It’s a transparent nail polish that is supposed to be applied as the final coat in a manicure, irrespective of the type of nail base. It seals all the coats underneath, not letting the base coat or stickers chip off. 

Work on a Clean Base

Before applying gel nail stickers, make sure you clean your nails. This covers both polished and unpolished nails, as well as shellac and gel ones. The nail sticker may not stick properly or slip off a wet nail polish if your nails are not totally clean and dried. Before putting stickers on your gel nails or natural nails, make sure the last coat of gel has been fully cured or your nail bed is totally clean.

Finishing is Must

Finish off by Trimming the gel sticker from the edges (after it has been pasted). If you’re applying the glue directly to the nail edge or at the nail bed, make sure it goes perfectly over the free edge and then cut off the excess sticker with a nipper to ensure the sticker precisely matches the contour of the nail bed. This ensures that it fits exactly matching the curve of your nails or nail bed

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These tips help your semi-cure nail gel stay longer. 

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