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Mozambique Ruby Gemstone A Rising Star in The Gem Sector

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outsider Africa’s Shona people believe that the vibrant red color of the soil is due to blood shed during the battle for control of these lands. In Montepuez the land-use issue is still in dispute. Just beneath the surface there is a magnificent jewel of scarlet rouge – ruby.

In the past, billions of years geological processes blessed the region with huge deposits of this valuable, precious red gem.

The story of mining rubies in Montepuez began in a state of secrecy. In 2007, the discovery of rubies and mining began by small-scale miners and cooperatives who would quietly work and mine, and then transfer their rubies north of the border to Tanzania.

In the year 2007 in Tanzania the relatively new mine for rubies called Winza was operating at full capacity, and a large number of foreign buyers were visiting the country.

The secret Mozambican ruby production was secretly slip onto the market as the new Tanzanian ruby as a way to keep the secrets of their treasure a secret.

A few thousand miles from Chanthaburi, Thailand, the central processing hub of the global ruby industry, huge quantities of these hidden rubies began to show up in huge quantities.

Because of the unique nature of Montepuez ruby, experienced ruby company managers and experts in Chanthaburi were able to recognize immediately that these new rubies were not coming from Winza but in reality from a brand new and unidentified source.

Ruby Gem

The ruby Gemstone syndicates came to the fore as Sauron’s Tower, its piercing gaze and network of buyers and runners continuously searched across and up East Africa’s gem-rich Rift Valley countries for the exact location of this unidentified source. Thai buyers from Tanzania were instructed to contact the African gemstone brokers to locate the source.

But, every good secret needs to be discard. With the huge amount of money generated from this latest ruby deposit, the lips fell open as the games went on — the world’s market for buying rubies was now aware that the Eldorado of rubies was located in Montepuez. Then they swarmed into the game to take it on.

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Moving materials and men, Thais from Chanthaburi established purchasing bases in the tiny town of Montepuez which was previously a sleepy small city in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province. After years working with artisan African miners and their families, the Thai began organizing African labor. Inviting Tanzanian pit bosses who had long-standing and intimate connections with as well as explorers, miners were provided with shovels as well as cigarettes, picks and food items, as well as drinks with powdered ingredients and much more. The miners spread out over the area in the vicinity of Montepuez and mined for Thais. They dug large pits and labored along with them the Thai and their skilled Tanzanian Walking Boss swarming through. As time passed, the mining changed its organization structure.


The price of Mozambique rubies is quite affordable. While it is difficult to compare to Burmese ruby due to essential chemical variations.

That produce an entirely different color and visual dependent experience, if one needed to do a comparison, it’s appropriate to say that in the present market (2018).

Untreated mozambique ruby that is based on the intense red fluorescing color of a unheated pigeon blood ruby would be sold at anywhere from one third to half the price of the cost of mozambique ruby a similar Burmese ruby.

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