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Moissanite Diamond Rings Are More Affordable Than Natural Diamonds

Hassan Qureshi
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Diamond moissanite rings are becoming increasingly popular due to the several benefits diamond rings possess above diamond. diamond moissanite rings tend to be somewhat more durable than diamond on almost every level. It is said that diamonds may only scratch diamond, but moissanite can withstand scratches and cuts without damaging the stone in any way. Moissanite can also reportedly cut faster than diamond even on diamond shaped rings.

One major benefit diamond alternative offers is that it’s completely colorless. Diamonds are typically available in a variety of colors including blue, pink, white, yellow, green, orange, red, purple, brown and black. These gemstones are so valuable because each of them represents a unique range of colors and characteristics. These gemstones are also available in a wide spectrum of prices, making them accessible to a wide variety of consumers. Diamonds also take a long time to achieve their sparkle; moissanite rings often achieve their color faster.

Because diamond moissanite rings are completely colorless, they cannot be perfect match for colored diamond engagement rings. Although the rareness of diamonds varies widely, some gemstones such as rubies and emeralds are extremely rare. Most gemstones have an easier time finding a proper setting and fashion statement than diamonds. Diamonds are typically only found in perfect circular shapes, whereas moissanite rings can be found in a variety of shapes ranging from heart-shaped to oval-shaped.

Another advantage diamond moissanite rings share is their hardness. Diamonds have the highest hardness rating of all stones measured by the hardness scale. Diamonds tend to scratch easier than most stones, but their relative softness allows them to still fit perfectly into engagement rings without scratching. They also tend to be slightly less pricey than their diamonds counterparts, due to the relative rarity of the gemstone and the added cost of properly setting the stone.

Because of the high level of hardness of diamonds, diamond moissanite rings tend to be more expensive than diamond engagement rings. However, diamond moissanite rings are generally affordable. It is important to remember that the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of a gemstone ring is also affected by the metal used in its making. Therefore, an extensive research of diamond jewelry at reputable online diamond stores will allow you to compare prices of various diamond settings. This will help you determine the absolute best price for the ring you want to purchase.

Moissanite diamond has the lowest level of colorlessness of all diamonds, making it very appealing to buyers looking for a ring with no color. Because the gemstone has near colorless surface, it can hide any impurities on its external appearance, such as inclusions, scratches, and other inclusions that can mar a diamond’s look. In fact, even though diamonds are labeled as near colorless, sometimes they can still have some visible natural sparkle. Moissanite diamonds do not have this problem because their lack of color does not affect the way they sparkle.

The rareness of moissanite stones is what makes them so unique and sought after. Unlike lab-grown diamonds, which are grown in a lab, these rare gems are mined right from the Earth. A rare gemstone that has been mined from its natural location is even rarer than a lab-grown diamond. Because of their limited supply, diamond moissanite rings are quite valuable. They are usually sold in high auction amounts, because they are a one-of-a-kind. However, it is also possible to purchase them from reputable jewelers who specialize in diamond jewelry.

The diamond’s hardness is measured on a scale that begins with the diamond’s hardness tester and ends with a diamond’s diamond rating on the hardness scale. The diamond hardness tester measures the hardness of a diamond by dropping a diamond on a scale that can be calibrated. The diamond hardness scale is divided into four categories, E, F, R, and S. The diamond with the highest diamond rating is diamond solitaire. As diamond hardness increases, so do the prices of these diamond solitaires.

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