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Is There Any Gem More Marvelous Than Larimar?

Jenny Thomas
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Larimar is a gemstone with a unique color and pattern due to the mixing and the cooling elements that occur during the crystallization of the stone. Its calming blue color has a refreshing appeal and is soothing to the eyes. It is called the bluestone of Atlantis due to its gleaming blue-water color, and it is named on the priest’s daughter ‘Larissa’ with the Spanish word ‘mar’ meaning the ‘sea.’ in the year 1974. However, the stone was first found in the year 1916. It is the variety of pectolite found only in the Dominican Republic and looks perfect when worn.  

Properties of the Larimar jewelry

Larimar stone ranges around five on the Mohs scale hardness, and there is no gemological standardization grading for the Larimar stone. The color of the stone depends on the composition of the iron and calcium deposits. Along with that, you may see the reddish or brown color spots that occur due to the iron’s oxidation within the matrix of the stone. Luster, clarity, translucence, color, pattern, and chatoyance play a role in determining the Larimar rings grade and quality

The benefits wearer can take while wearing larimar jewelry. 

Wearing Larimar pendants will bring peace and balance in the wearer’s life, protecting the person from the negative energies and it also helps connect with higher self-esteem for guidance. This stone helps the wearer to get rid of their bad habits and promotes tranquility, calming the temper of the person. The blue color is known as the color of calmness. Gazing into the stone while meditating will help to connect with the energies of the divine power. This attractive stone can heal the chest, head, neck, and blocked arteries when worn in the form of a Larimar pendant.

Moreover, the stone helps in the relationship with the partner or family members, bringing everyone closer and much connected. It also helps find the soulmate you have been looking for. If you want to take benefit of its healing powers but want to be minimal, you can start with a larmar bracelet. 

How to keep the larimar jewelry safe

Larimar necklaces are an excellent choice, but they need care. Always try that these stones do not come in contact with perfumes, body sprays, makeup, or disinfectants. If they come in contact with these elements, then the stone may lose its original color. So wear these accessories at the end of your makeup session after getting fully ready. Moreover, after returning home, the person should remove these jewels first before doing anything. Wash them with normal tap water, and then gently wipe them with a soft cloth. And then finally, the wearer should keep them in a box with a separate section to protect them from scratching and keep it safeguard.

Do not use the steam bath to clean the stone, or the color of the stone will fade. Keep the larimar jewelry away from Ultrasonic cleanser as well. Also, remove the Larimar cuff bracelet before doing any work, which could cause damage to the stone. 

Where to buy the gemstone jewelry from?

The wholesale Larimar jewelry can be bought from the online site Rananjay Exports, and it is the most trustworthy site to buy these stones. As they are gemstone jewelry manufacturers, they provide stunning designs, and each pattern has its uniqueness with high quality. They have handcraft and catalog jewelry collections. Also, you can customize your style with them. They provide this jewelry in bulk worldwide, and they are the best sellers selling silver gemstone jewelry made in 925 sterling silver and rose gold vermeil.     

Jenny Thomas

My name is Jenny Thomas.Rananjay Exports is a global jewelry manufacturing firm which deal in hundred varieties of gemstones.

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