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How Turquoise can change your personality

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Turquoise – the rich stone

Turquoise jewelry has a rich history throughout millennia and across a variety of cultures. Even this stone was used in King Tut’s burial mask. Legends use the blue-green stone as they feel that this stone could protect them as it symbolizes the god of the sky. Warriors used this stone in their shield while going to battle, and it was thought to instill tranquility and promote wisdom. This stone fosters friendship and happiness. At present, the best and high-grade quality Turquoise stone comes from Iran. However, they are also available in Tibet, China, Southwestern United States, Australia, Siberia, and Europe.

Turquoise is one of the first stones to be mined, and the official color has been named after this stone. The beautiful shades of the blue color stone calm the soul of the wearer. This stone is one of the legendary stones due to its healing power and benefits to the wearer. The tranquility and dazzling shades of the stone are reminiscent of the peaceful seawater, as this stone can promote the energy flow of the highest vibration of love.

Why and how to wear the Turquoise

Wearing a Turquoise pendant that stays near the heart of the wearer promotes positivist and happy vibes. The stone takes power from the earth and the sky, manifesting the person’s wholeness and truth. If you want to gift anyone born in the month of December, nothing could be better than the Turquoise ring. This stone is specially made for these people who have Sagittarius as their zodiac sign.

The natural beauty of the elegant turquoise bracelet will add a different look to the wearer’s personality. They were wearing this while going to the office, and the formal wear will give a different aura to the wearer’s personality. The wearer will become much calmer in the office work and do everything with new energy every day.

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This stone has a different kinds of powers. As the person will hold the stone in their hand, it will give them different kinds of strength. The Turquoise earring will lift the spirit and promote overall well-being as it energies all the chakra center. This stone is especially recommended to the people who travel more, as it will protect them from accidents, loss, or theft.

Taking care of the Turquoise stone

Turquoise has a beautiful sheen and has smooth touch. It needs to be taken care of properly, and it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, cosmetics, and heat. It can cause a change in the color of the stone. It should be kept safe in a box when not worn, and before that, it has to be clean using a soft cloth, and it is very important to keep it away from the harsh cleaning fluids. Even silver polish should also not be used to clean the stone. Avoid ultrasonic cleaning.

Buying it from the worth-full place

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