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How to combine a leather jacket?

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How to combine a leather jacket?

Among the easiest and timeless garments that a man can have in his closet are leather jackets. A man who has a jacket like a black sheepskin jacket this type has multiple alternatives to always dress well and look very stylish. The combinations are practically endless. If you do not know very well how to combine that leather jacket that you have in your closet, do not worry, then we will tell you how.

Ideas to wear a leather jacket

Pair the leather jacket with a white t-shirt

The basics with the basics always look great. We all have or should have a white t-shirt in the closet, one of these simple ones with a round neckline and without any pattern. You can put on that shirt, over the jacket and combine it with black jeans and converse shoes also in black or white and it will look pretty good. With a look like this you can go to see your friends at a meal as long as it is informal, you can also go on a first date and always be comfortable and fashionable.

And a white shirt? It is another option, especially if you want to go a little further and look for a more elegant look. Take a look here: how to combine a white shirt for men.

Wear the leather jacket with marching band shirts

Leather and rock have been related very well for a long time and band t-shirts are not out of style either, they are an excellent option if you want to add a touch of personality to the look you are using. We recommend that you choose the shirt that you like the most like Guns n ‘Roses, Nirvana, Kiss, the one you want.

The best thing in these cases is that the shirt is black, you will combine it with the leather jacket, light blue jeans and boots. They can be these bikers that look very good, but if you want to elevate the look a little more and seem something more casual, velvet ankle boots will look very good, if they are in black much better.

He wears a leather jacket with a plaid and button-down shirt

Even if you include a button down shirt in your look, it will not end up being elegant or anything too formal because leather jackets will always give a more casual touch to the look you are using. But we are going to put a little color to what you are wearing, for this it includes a red and black plaid shirt , with a lumberjack style, these never go out of style and they look pretty good all year round.

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In this look we are going to look for a little more monochrome, that is why black jeans will go very well , you can wear black boots or black and white converse, which look pretty good and you can go wherever you want, as long as it is during the day and is a casual occasion.

Pair the jacket with a turtleneck

The turtleneck jumpers are a great success, it should be noted that by including the leather jacket in the look it automatically becomes a little less formal and the elegance is left aside, but with the high collars you can take back some of that elegance and make a quite sober look with which you will look very good.

For this look we will leave everything in black. Part of the black turtleneck, look for one that is quite dark black, not washed out or grayish. The fabric preferably something thick so that it fits better and in the upper part of the jacket. As for pants, black jeans or black chinos will look pretty good. In shoes, black boots are ideal, although ankle boots will also look good.

Jumper with a leather jacket

These types of looks are much better when it is a little colder because you will have 2 layers of clothing under the jacket that is usually somewhat warm as well. In this case we will show you two looks, the first will be with a white base shirt with a black, gray or blue sweater . On top of it will go the jacket.

Another option with layers is taking the same white shirt from the beginning, adding the red and black checked shirt that we have mentioned before and leaving it with all the buttons open . To close the look at the top, place the jacket while also leaving it open.

The type of pants you use will depend on the combination you have chosen. If it is the first, it can go well with jeans in a medium blue tone and if it is the second, black pants will go quite well. As for the shoes, in the first look some classic white sneakers and in the second outfit some black boots.

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Put on a hoodie and leather jacket

If you love a youthful, casual and somewhat sporty style, this type of look is ideal for you. Let’s start with a hooded sweater, these are usually made of thick fabric, so we recommend using it when it is cold where you live. This sweater can be unicolor without any pattern, although it could be included as long as it is something that does not attract too much attention.

black sheepskin jacket
Black Hooded Shearling Leather Jacket

As it is something quite casual and comfortable, some jeans will be the ideal touch. They can be ones in light color that give the style of being washed out with comfortable sneakers . A good choice would be a classic New Balance in color combinations such as red, blue and white that look excellent and you can go with them wherever you want.

What is the ideal type of pants to wear with a leather jacket?

The type of pants you use will depend on how casual or not you want to see yourself. If you are looking for a look with a more elevated casual touch, the ideal is that you wear chinos in colors like black and dark blue that look pretty good, but if you want a more casual touch, jeans are ideal.

Now, there are a lot of jeans, with models, styles and cuts. The cut you choose will depend on what you like, the slim ones are still quite fashionable, but we recommend using a straight cut to better fit the shape of your leg without being too tight.

As for the style, this will also matter what kind of look you want. It can be a bit more understated with some classic blue jeans without too many details and in a single color block, these look pretty good paired with white.

If you want to give the look a more casual touch, faded jeans with some rips on the knees or other areas look pretty good. These types of jeans are ideal when you wear band t-shirts as we have mentioned before or with the red and black plaid shirt.

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What are the best shoes to combine a leather jacket?

Leather jackets look pretty good with almost any type of footwear. The one you choose will have to do with the rest of the look. If you want something much more sober, black shoes like boots or ankle boots are quite good. In case you want something a little more casual, a black, white, or black-on-white converse looks great. And a basic that can not be missing are the completely white sneakers. Take a look at our men’s footwear section for inspiration.

What color to buy my leather jacket?

All the looks that we have shown you are with black leather jackets, but there are other options that may interest you. You can create good combinations with:

Brown leather jackets

Brown is a good color because it can also be combined very easily. White, black, gray and blue is very good for this color. You can make combinations with brown ankle boots, light blue jeans, and a white t-shirt and it will look pretty good. It is best to look for a jacket in a medium brown or honey color, those that are a little darker are more difficult to combine. Here is a video in which you can get the Information regarding the quality of the brown leather jacket.

Mens Brown Shiny Biker Stand Collar Jacket

Red leather jackets

If you are a bit more risky, leather jackets in red are a good option. In this case, you must bear in mind that the jacket would go from being an accessory to the other elements and would become the main garment of the look , so the other elements should be accessories.

What we recommend is that you create combinations with basic colors such as white, black, and gray . A good look could be a white t-shirt, black pants and black sneakers. It also looks pretty good when creating an all-black look on pants, shoes, and T-shirt and incorporating the pop of color into the jacket.

Something you should avoid is overloading the top, the prints on T-shirts can be a mistake as there will be too much to see up there. Since the jacket is the center, do not put it to compete with other garments.

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