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Get These 5 Best Adidas Basketball Shoes Before Their Gone

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A pair of shoes once sold at auction for $190,000. It was a pair of Converse that Michael Jordan wore during the 1984 Olympics and then signed them. This is just one example of how the sneaker industry has grown from being just another shoe to a full collector industry.

If you love shoes and have an impressive collection, then you’ll want to know about the latest 2021 designs that are on the market.

Find out about the five best Adidas basketball shoes you can buy today.

1. Adidas Exhibit A

There are no better shoes than the Exhibit A to start off our list of the best Adidas shoes of 2021. Candace Parker wore a pair during the 2021 WNBA Championship. Both Jalen Green and Zach LaVine have also worn this bright shoe.

The bright colors of this shoe are sure to grab attention whether you are on the court or off. When staying active, you’ll appreciate the Lightstrike cushioning through the midsole.

2. Adidas Dame 7 EXTPLY

This shoe is more than just a piece of athletic gear; they are artwork. Damian Lillard is the inspiration behind these colorful kicks. The knit upper is soft and breathable, flexing with your foot as you move.

The rubber outsole and Lightstrike cushioning supports and protect your foot. In honor of Lillard’s passion for music, there are several bold colorways that tie his basketball career and rapping experience together.

3. Adidas D.O.N. Issue #3

This bold red and black shoe is inspired by Donovan Mitchell. This beloved player from the Utah Jazz made a big impact when he won a Slam Dunk Contest in his rookie season. The lightweight construction helps you to be lightning-quick, while the Lightstrike cushioning helps you land softly.

4. Adidas Pro Model 2G

This retro-inspired shoe has a clean look with a modern twist. It features the beloved white patent leather with three bold black stripes. Similar to other shoes on this list, one of the best benefits of owning Adidas sneakers is that they look great and are functional.

These shoes perform well on the court. You have the classic shell toe and patent leather shine. It also comes with improved cushioning. This supports your feet better and helps you to switch positions quickly.

5. Adidas N3XT L3V3L Futurenatural

This space-age-looking shoe looks more like a slipper than a sneaker. There are no laces up the front, just a knit upper. It fits like a snug sock to cradle and support your feet.

On the inside of the shoe, you’ll find Boost cushioning that’s perfect for explosive takeoffs. Check out this schedule, and see this innovative cushioning in action. You can enjoy the same comfort and performance standards as some of your favorite players.

Collect the Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

If you love sneakers, then you’ll want to check out these shoes. By adding the best Adidas basketball shoes to your collection, your collection’s value will grow. You can put them on display in your home or put them up for auction and make some money.

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