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Fox Eye makeup: learn how to do it

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If there is a makeup look that defines recent trends, it is fox eye makeup. It is the most sought-after trend and the one that all celebrities are taking, no matter famous countries or international. The models Kendall Jenner, Gigi or Bella Hadid have been some of the promoters of this trend. What does it consist of?  We will reveal all the details about this makeup and how to apply it yourself.

What is foxy eyes?

The foxy eyes, or fox eyes, is a lifting effect makeup that makes us have a more rugged look, without surgery, only shadows, pencils and brushes. Although this trend already existed and was better known as cat eyes, it is now with the term foxy eyes that it has become more fashionable.  Red carpets and these millennial models have had a lot to do with it.

What do we need to do this makeup?

Now we all want to be like the stars that appear on Instagram and copy their makeup. We will tell you how to make this look so that the one we need:

  • A black pencil that is easy to smudge,
  • Black eyeliner,
  • Shades in earth tones
  • False eyelashes.

Fox eye makeup, step by step:

1. First we will start by drawing a line from the lower line of the eyelashes to where we want our foxy eyes to reach, creating a stain that we are blurring.

First we will start by drawing a line from the lower lash line to where we want our foxy eyes to reach.
Photo: Google

2. We will begin to apply shadows in earth tones to create depth, lighter from the tear and darker towards the end of the eye.

We blur.
Photo: Google

3. In the next step we apply a light brown shadow under the beginning of the brow to create a falling effect. With this, what we want to achieve is to raise the final part of our eye and lower the internal part. This way we will get a more torn look, a very Bella Hadid look.

We apply a light brown shadow under the beginning of the brow to create a falling effect.
Photo: Google

4. Now it’s time to apply the shadows and make the outline. The trick is to make it thinner at the tear and widen it from the middle to the outside.

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5. We also have to make a double eyeliner on the tear duct, so we will accentuate the foxy effect even more.

We also have to do a double eyeliner in the tear duct.
Photo: Google

6. Enhance the look with lots of mascara.

7.  False eyelashes. We must place those outwards, and like the eyelashes, we have to comb them back instead of up. Let’s remember that we are trying to achieve a ripped look.

8. Finally, to create depth we use shadows in earth tones and in warm tones. Play whatever it takes with the shadows to achieve this feline look that we love so much. Nothing happens if the effect is exaggerated, the trend is like that, somewhat dramatic.

This is how Anabel Mua's foxy eyes look.
Photo: Google

A ponytail, earrings and a mask, the perfect accessories

To accompany this trendy makeup, make a very tight ponytail to enhance this lifting effect without surgery – a semi-updo is also worth it – and finally, get some powerful earrings to accompany this sophisticated look.

Of course, it is an ideal makeup to wear with a mask because what we enhance the most are the eyes. Don’t be surprised that when you walk down the street people wonder who you are…

Watch the full video tutorial

If you want to see how Anabel Mua explains this makeup step by step, do not miss it in the video that opens the news and on the  Heart and Trends Instagram profile.

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