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Features to Consider While Selecting the Best Chino Pants for Men

Lipsy Goyal

Whether shopping online or from a retail store, selecting from different pant styles can be confusing. You may find yourself wondering which pants will be suitable to wear on multiple occasions. Well, if you want a pair of pants that are dressy enough for a business casual but will hold up for a long hike as well, chino pants for men are your best option. Since their first introduction, chino pants have come a long way to become a wardrobe staple for men. This piece is appropriate for all types of occasions, from casual meetings to wedding events to Saturday night out; men are seen daunting them everywhere. We have prepared a brief introduction for the men who still struggle to figure out what chinos are and how they are different from other men’s pants. 

What are chino pants? 

Chino pants or chinos are game changing pants that are made up of a material called cotton twill. Chinos are supposed to be fitted, slightly tapered, breathable pairs of pants. Due to their fit, you can wear them on more formal occasions with the right shirt. You can say it’s the most versatile pair of pants that you can own.  

Fit like a dream

You know the fit of the chino pants is one main reason why people like it so much. Chinos are known to have a fit that accentuates your body type. They are designed in a way that is supposed to fit any body type. Many men’s pants styles are simply too baggy and do not fit nicely. The cloth does not hug the body and instead draws attention to the wearer’s figure. Chinos feature a more tailored fit that isn’t overly tight but draws attention to the body’s lines. They feature straight lines that give the appearance of a long, sleek body. Chinos are ideal for shorter men who want to appear a little taller. Chinos will help you appear taller by lengthening your legs and creating a visual line that runs up and down. Chinos might also help to play up your qualities if you are tall and thin.

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Retain shape and colour

When a pant is made up of 100 percent cotton, it is usually expected to shrink after a few washes. Also, after a period of time, it tends to loosen up. But good quality chino pants will retain their colour and shape even after multiple washes. It will fit you the same as it did when you bought it. Good quality chinos will not get baggy and will still mould to your body. 

Get better with washes

Brands like Perk Clothing claim that their chino pants tend to get better after 2-3 washes. According to them, chino pants reach their final form after washing them. You can check out different coloured chino pants from their website along with a curved hem t-shirt

These are some features you should look for in the best chino pants for men. 

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