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Eyelash Extensions for Every Eye Shape- A Comprehensive Guide

Peter Dong

Let’s get one thing straight- it is incredibly depressing imagining a world without eyelash extensions. It’s the fabulous eyelash extensions that allow women to get out of bed or work at the office looking wide-eyed. There’s no denying that eye lash extensions Columbus Ohio have effectively democratized full-lash clubs. Furthermore, thanks to these eyelash extensions, women without naturally blessed lashes stand a chance to live the joys of fluttering eyes.

While the relevance of eyelash extensions is practically undeniable, it’s equally necessary to mention that these beauty add-ons are not one-size-fits-all items- ask anybody who’s had a rough experience. Your best choice must always include an experienced lash technician. A skilled professional can identify your eye shape and tailor your extensions likewise. This will help you skip the terrible practice of applying the same lash length and curl for all clients.

You could be either being a complete extension rookie or a seasoned eyelash connoisseur; here’s a detailed breakdown of some essential tips- these will effectively help you when you meet your eyelash technician next time.

Almond Eyes

It is noteworthy mentioning that Almond eyes are typically the most common eye shape in the world. Hence, it only makes sense for them to support roughly any lash styling without complexities- this is essential since they are widely considered the most proportionate eye shape. When approaching your eyelash technician, you could ask them for a more standard C curl.

Hooded Eyes

Secondly, there are hooded eyes or monolids, as they are often called. It’s essential mentioning that hooded eyes can be best defined as eyelids without a crease. Many have previously admitted that these lids can come off as heavy, consuming the lash line underneath them. Your best bet would be to open up hooded lids while stepping forward with a heavy lash line.

Most eyelash technicians go for L and L+ lashes. This is fundamental since they bring a flat base along with severe curl. You must realize that those shooting up from underneath the lid will elevate the lash line, ultimately contributing to making the eyes appear bright and fresh.

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Rounded Eyes

Finally, there is the round eye- it’s essential mentioning that they are typically open and alert. However, if your technician messes up the styling, these eyes can end up looking surprisingly odd. Most professionals will opt for toning down the alertness with minimal lengths for a looser curl. This will effectively relax the eye shape, thereby achieving resemblance of an almond shape for the eyes.

Next time, go for the longest length available for the mid-outer eye with a less curly curl when you meet your eyelash technician next time. To put it simply, you can request a B curl lash. This will essentially help you to achieve the almond shape for your eyes. Here’s hoping that you have learned a great deal about eve lash extensions in Columbus Ohio. It would help you follow this guide when you meet the eyelash technician next time.

Peter Dong

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