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Dress This Halloween in the Easiest Gothic Way

Tyler Baker

Halloween 2021 is almost here and Gothic dressing is a superb option when you don’t know what you can dress up as for Halloween parties. Some black clothes (which I am sure we all have in our wardrobes), a bit of makeup, and design some accessories to attract attention.

Gothic Subculture

Highly influenced by the popular cultures of the 18th and 19th Centuries and the emergence of gothic literature with Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole, the goth subculture refers to a particular choice of films, fashion, literature, and music.

The term was first used to identify a particular subculture in the 60s when the youngsters were influenced by literary characters like Frankenstein or Dracula.

But one doesn’t necessarily need to wait for Halloween to wear gothic outfits. If you want to know how to create a look with women’s gothic dresses and gothic accessories for this Halloween, check this article out.

How can one dress up?

Black Clothes: 

The basic of a gothic look is a black or dark-coloured outfit. If not black, the outfit can be navy blue, maroon, dark green, grey, dark red, violet, or dark brown. Warm colours are a big no-no in gothic dressing. Gothic skirts, trousers, Victorian blouses, Gothic capes, women’s gothic dresses act as brilliant options for a Halloween party.

You will easily find gothic and vintage clothes on websites like Jordash Clothing. If you are a beginner, wear something basic yet classic like a corset and a skirt. The outfits remind the days of the dark Victorian era, so finding tinges of white and dark red here and is quite common too. Add lots of velvet and lace to your outfit to make it more stylish, giving out vintage vibes.


Along with the black outfits, proper makeup is also important. Use a foundation or base makeup that is at least two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply some loose powder to set it up. After you are done with it, draw well-defined eyes or smoky eyes with dark lips. Paint the lips (and nail) deep red, purple, maroon, or just black.   

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Black outfits with dark makeup just require some very dark or black hair to complete the look. You can highlight your dark hair with streaks of different colours like green, purple or red, to elevate your look.    

Gothic accessories: 

Pewter rings, necklaces, bangles, pendants, earrings, chokers, and anything that you can imagine. Gothic accessories and symbols like pentagrams, crosses, spiders, or skulls will go with your outfits perfectly. 


White lenses maybe? Or grey lenses? What do you think? These will be an added feature making you look more ghostly, imparting a gothic look that people will keep staring at. 

Other Gothic accessories: 

Make your outfit more sensual with a pair of fishnet stockings or lacy gloves. Whether you want a bitchy look or imitate the look of a Victorian lady, these work just fine. Also hats. Hats too, add elements to your look which you can carry to your Halloween party. And not to forget the long capes or coats giving out the Dracula vibes.    


Depending on whether you want to create a sensational, bold look or a delicate look, a pair of high heels is a must. You can also choose to wear a pair of black boots with lots of buckles, the more the buckles the merrier.

Specifically for the party, you can draw something specific (like a temporary tattoo) denoting yesteryear or gothic character of your choice. If going for the vampire look, you can also wear false dentures. Don’t forget to dip them in fake blood before you wear them.

Happy dressing, happy Halloween 2021!

Tyler Baker

Hello, I am Tyler Baker, a Digital Content Writer, writing on behalf of Jordash Clothing. Jordash Clothing is a global wholesaler of a fashion brand that is passionate about gothic, vintage, ethnic, retro, and alternative clothing.

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