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Different Types Of Jeans For Men

Swapnil Jukunte

Fashion keeps changing with time, but certain things are needed all the time and are classics. Jeans for men are one such thing that is needed all the time and can never go out of fashion.

Men’s jeans online come in so many different styles and washes, depending on what you prefer the most. It can get confusing to pick the right pair, but you should know all the different fits available. Here are the different types that you need in your wardrobe: 

1. Loose Fit Jeans

While the name may appear to be a paradox in terms of being loose and fitting simultaneously, it is one of the most comfortable options. These pairs, however, have more than simple functionality going for them.

Loose jeans have an attraction that makes the wearer stand out from the crowd due to their somewhat baggy bulk that nonetheless looks and feels fitting enough. Dressing up in loose fit jeans if your body form requires it means that you can go through your day longer and better, more efficiently.

2. Jeans with a Slim Fit

When we describe fundamental slender sorts of men’s jeans in terms of loose fits, it becomes clearer what they are. This sort seems more attractive because the combination is a more feasible thin and fit.

Slim fit jeans are also as comfortable as they are fashionable since the slim appearance is matched by the not too loose, not too tight fit that helps to give the legs a shapely appearance.

3. Regular Fit Jeans 

Regular fit jeans are almost identical to straight fit jeans in that they are designed to fit you straight from hip to thigh. Do you know those jeans styles that are a little too loose to be classified as straight but not quite taut enough to be classified as baggies?

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That’s precisely the space that a pair of standard jeans fills, with a straight line running from hip to thigh and perhaps a little more flair throughout. Regular fit jeans come to the rescue for muscular men who aren’t big-boned but aren’t particularly slim.

4. Skinny Fit

Even if all things slender are more embracing of the fashion sensibilities of the female species, guys might choose to wear skinny fit sorts of jeans. Slim fits are customised to fit perfection, unlike many other types of men’s jeans.

While skinny fits aren’t the most practical of pairs to wear, they may be quite comfortable, especially when moving around without any excess fabric dragging you down. On the other hand, huge men should avoid these styles because they are designed for men with a slimmer physique.

Here are the different fits explained in detail and how they are for your body type, so it gets easier to get the right fit without getting too confused. 

Swapnil Jukunte

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